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Don’t you just love winters? I personally can’t wait to show off my lingering coats, dapper jackets, cozy cardigans, furry parkas, fancy sweaters, intricate mufflers, funky socks, swanky gloves, fuzzy earmuffs, and snug boots. I live for elegant winter attire, as it can be chic, bewitching, and conservative at the same time. Winter holidays are my next favorite thing on the list; Christmas and New Year’s Eve are always the highlight of my year. Winter clothing hauls are pure bliss, even though it usually implies that I shall end up maxing out all my credit cards. The worst that could happen is I being driven to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but I can’t say it won’t be worth it! Winter outfits tend to be so much more detailed, which simply brings out the Fashionista inside of me. Contemplating the layering and synchronization can keep me busy for hours; and no, I am not complaining!

Winter is almost here and I’m looking forward to a shopping spree to update my closet. It is easy to get overwhelmed by so many adorable options and tantalizing sales at the mall. If you prefer not to go broke at the beginning of the season and still get your hands on a sufficient amount of decent items to flaunt while it lasts, I have a reasonable solution. Ask yourself the following ten questions before you add garb to your cart:

1. Do I really want this?

Speaking from personal experience, anything new and shiny at your most frequented clothing stores will grab your attention. However, when I take a deep breath and give myself a moment to try and think rationally, I often gather that the thing before me isn’t even nice. Take a good look again and observe if it has the power to make your heart flutter; if not, then put it back on the shelf. If you are certain that you can easily survive without adding the item to your wardrobe, hold your head high and walk away.

2. Can I even afford this?

Looking at the price tag first is the most practical approach when out shopping. If you start fantasizing about an article and glance at the cost after strolling through dreamland, it might be too late. The best way to prevent heartbreak is by never staying close for too long around stuff that does not fit your budget. With a little wit and rummaging, you can find something just as stylish, yet affordable. Do not choose to starve yourself for the entire month just to get a single shot at winning a showdown with your fashion nemesis.

3. Do I actually need this?

At times, it is too hard to get your eyes off something and move on. It is clear that your heart craves for this, but there is a difference between want and need. We all want a lot of things, but we need very few of them. For instance, one can never get enough pairs of socks, but one pair of snow boots is certainly enough if snowfall is a rare occurrence in your locality.

4. Is it worth the investment?

Purchasing apparel that is slightly expensive but durable, is better than opting for a cheap alternative of low quality. If you believe that a certain item holds the potential to last a long time and you will regularly utilize it, do not hesitate to spend your money. Some clothing items never go out of style, thus they are highly valuable to your collection. If you feel like that a garment or accessory will become useless after this season, reconsider the investment.

5. Does it Complement stuff I already have?

I own a pair of black Chelsea boots that agree with almost all of my winter ensembles. Then there is that lovely grey knitted scarf my aunt gave me, which somehow blends in with everything I wear. If you find something that could match with more than one of your darling outfits for the season, no need to think twice before swiping your card.

6. Have I ever worn something like this before?

It’s weird how one dress can take your breath away or how a pair of heels can make the rest of your world look insignificant. However, just because you like what you see, doesn’t imply that it will do you any favors. If the item that captured your heart is not something you are not used to or comfortable sporting, chances are that you never will.

7. Where can I wear this?

What is the point in throwing your money at something that is going to remain buried in your closet for eternity? If the thing you are eyeing is only suitable for events that you are never going to attend, skip the folly. Procure apparel that you can in fact see yourself wearing somewhere.

8. Don’t I already have something like this?

Sometimes the mind gets stuck on a particular thing; this has happened to me more often than I would like to admit. Not long ago, I was obsessed with high-neck pullovers; I bought several identical ones without realizing soon enough. The worst part is that I got over the craze pretty quick, and I never even got to wear all of them at least once.

9. Should I get this Color?

Anything fashionable in a shade of blue or purple is my weakness. I repeatedly have to remind myself that there are other colors that deserve to be incorporated in my closet. Buying everything in the same color kills the versatility of a winter wardrobe. If you already own three red sweaters, maybe you should lean towards green or pink. If you like to play it safe, neutral colors like white, black, grey, brown, and beige shall do the trick.

10. What am I even doing here?

If you left the house to restock on groceries, but got distracted by the clothing section, this is the first question you must ask yourself. I’m guessing you already have enough winter garb to last a lifetime and the holding capacity of your closet was overridden ages ago. Concentrate on your original mission and spare your dignity.


If none of the above questions made you feel guilty or attacked, go ahead and treat yourself. While you buy some wonderful things for yourself, do not forget those less fortunate than you. Give away stuff you don’t need; refrain from hoarding and willingly share what you have in abundance. I hope everything that catches your eye at winter sales is as befitting as you imagine. May you always dazzle your peers with your sense of fashion and make the best of upcoming winters.

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