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winter car care tips

With winter comes the cold car problem, like many people, get cold and catch the fever. It’s far from sneezing, and one morning while going to work you may find that the car won’t start because of the cold. Oh oh… trouble.

Don’t worry, we know it’s a bummer if you get into the car one morning and find that the car won’t start, but everything has a solution. Take a breath, breathe and don’t be nervous. We tell you what to do in this situation and how you can avoid it with proper maintenance.

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How to start the car when cold

If you are one of the lucky drivers who have a garage where you can lock your car at night, great. However, there are many other drivers who are forced to park on the street. If you have been in the second group, you will be familiar with the classic marks of a vehicle parked on the street, such as bird droppings or ice on the windshield in winter.

You also have to deal more often with this problem in which the car does not start due to cold. But don’t worry, we give you some tips in case you ever find yourself in this situation.


This action usually has resulted in diesel cars. If you notice that the car does not start no matter how much you turn the key in the ignition, stop. Because in the end you will end up breaking the key, and that is an even more serious problem.

Try to operate the contact two or three times. Do not do it immediately, wait for the yellow resistance pilot of the car’s indicator lights to go off. This will cause the glow plugs or glow plugs to kick in and heat up the combustion chamber.


The car battery is one of the elements that usually causes the most breakdowns or problems. An unused car battery will discharge and you will have to charge it before starting, but the cold also affects it a lot. If the car battery is not somewhat warm, it will be difficult for the vehicle to start the first time.

A homemade alternative that you have to this problem is, how it can be otherwise, heating the battery. If you have activated the ignition several times and the car does not start due to the cold, get to work. Heat a dry cloth – in a microwave, with the iron, with a dryer – and place it on the battery for a few minutes. Like you’re tucking her in. The battery will warm up and it will be easier to react to the startup.


Start, start. But do not make the engine have to run at high revs right after starting to circulate. Avoid this by idling the engine for a few minutes so that the lubrication system and engine can get warm enough to give the vehicle better performance.

That is, start the engine, let it run, and wait a few seconds before shifting into gear and leaving the parking spot. Generally, you will be able to start without problems as soon as the indicator lights go out, but wait a little longer, and settle in your seat.

Take off your coat, put on your belt, look for your favorite station or check that the little ones are properly seated in their approved seats if you have to travel with children in the car. With all this, you can start and start your route.

Caring for the car in winter

Vehicles should be cared for in all seasons of the year, but it is true that in winter they require more attention. Not only because they may not start for some of the reasons that we have explained in the upper point. In the same way that there are certain tips to drive in summer and overcome the heat, the cold also has its own.

One of the main problems encountered by drivers who park on the street is ice on the windshield. The vast majority have to scratch – being careful not to scratch the glass or damage it – or pour hot water on the windshield so that the ice melts away.

Another situation that is repeated due to the change in temperature inside the vehicle with that of the outside, is that the windows fog up more quickly. Don’t worry, there are several ways to quickly demist your car in winter. You can use the air conditioning, open the windows or turn on the car heater.

Now that the cold is coming, also be careful with the ice on the road that usually forms in the early morning or in those places with very cold climates in winter. If you have to drive in snow, make sure you have the right snow chains to handle it.

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