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aluminium doors and windows

After finishing up with the basic construction of the house, the next thing that comes up in front is the installation of doors and windows. You will find a wide variety of options in the case of doors and windows, and the price range will vary depending on the material and design construction. Though timber wood has remained the topmost priority for many homeowners its initial setup cost may be high to bear with. And moreover, it is not an environment-friendly option.

Install Aluminum Doors and Windows

Nowadays, aluminium doors and windows have started to gain popularity among many homeowners, as they can be designed and customized according to the the requirement, and can be installed immediately after the construction and in less time.

Reasons are contributing to the popularity of aluminium doors and windows:


If you have any doubts and concerns regarding the durability of the metal, then worry not, as it has already won the market in this aspect. It lasts easily for more than two decades without causing any problem or issue. These are best to install outdoors or house exteriors as they can easily withstand harsh weather conditions. In the durability aspect, aluminium has even left behind stainless steel frames for windows and doors.

Less expensive:

Aluminum frames for doors and windows are not only durable but also less expensive and are available in different types of quality. You can buy more economical ones for rough external usage and buy high-quality ones for interior spaces.

If you are worried about the size and fixtures, then aluminum is customizable with all designs and fixtures. It enables you to create some unique designs for your house. The entire installation is also not a costly affair when compared to that of wood or iron.

Aesthetics that are appealing:

The aluminum doors and windows have a shiny metallic surface that provides appealing aesthetics. Moreover, you get to choose from innumerable options in designs and colors as per your requirement for inside or outside of the house.

You can also fix glasses in the aluminum frames for outdoors or indoors as per your choice and convenience. This turns out to be an attractive solution that improves the facades making the structure lucrative.

Provides Bush fire safety:

Bush fire safety is another necessary aspect that one should take care of while installing or constructing the houses. The aluminum doors and windows have the feature to resist and protect from the bush fires. Aluminium is resistant to fire, so if your locality has a high risk of a bush fire, then it will be a good choice to opt for doors and windows made of aluminium. You can install these aluminium doors and windows as per the guidelines for the bush fire areas. But make sure that the professionals follow all fire prevention measures while making doors and windows for your house. They must fix or install as per the guidelines to avoid any future damage due to bush fire.

Rust free:

With doors and windows made of aluminium, you won’t have to change or repair them every year after the monsoon and winters, just like in the case of timber doors and windows. Timber gets damaged when exposed to external weather conditions, so it requires periodic repair work; whereas aluminum doors and windows require little to no maintenance or repair. It has the ability to resist water, moisture, heat, and rust. All these features make it a popular choice among homeowners.

aluminium windows

So, you must have got a fair idea about why people are choosing aluminium doors and windows over other materials in recent times. If you are also planning to construct or remodel your house, then do consider installing doors and windows made of aluminium and reap off its benefits for years to come.

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