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implementing route planner technology

Hi there! Nowadays, we are so used to tracking software. Be it the ride-hailing service, food delivery, or grocery delivery, the app has a tracker that helps the users to identify the location of the vehicle. Similarly, a route planner is a feature that helps drivers to find the best route in order to reduce their overall trip duration. Do you have any knowledge about the advantages of implementing an in-app route planner? If not, then in this blog, you will get a clear view of the horde of advantages vested in the route planner.

Chief advantages of implementing the in-app route planner

Easy to locate the address

In general, we use maps to spot the address. In most cases, maps end up showing the longest route. But this is not the case with the route planning software. The route planner will take the source and destination as inputs, and show the shortest route to the driver. Therefore, the drivers can stick to that route and reach the destination easily and on time.

Again, this feature will be helpful for ride-hailing companies, as the route planner will assist the drivers in finding the better route so that they can pick up or drop off the passenger without any delay. While launching an Uber-like app, it is important to keep the best route planner technology in your app.

Low maintenance cost and fuel cost

For taxi services companies, fuel cost and maintenance cost are the two big factors. So, companies must highly consider implementing the route planner app as they can cut down their maintenance cost and fuel cost. But how? The answer is simple. The route planner will suggest the shortest route, and the drivers will travel in that route. On the whole, the distance is reduced and so is the fuel cost. Again, if the vehicle travels more distance, then that vehicle will definitely need maintenance. Thus, with the in-app route planner, you can cut down expenses on fuel and maintenance.

Easy to plan trips

If you are of the opinion that the route planner is only used for finding the best route, then you are wrong. While suggesting the shortest or the best route, the planner will also state the traffic of that route. So, it helps drivers to know the traffic in advance and decide whether to choose that route or not. On the whole, the route planner will significantly help the drivers to plan their trips efficiently.

Helps drivers to take up more rides

It is a known fact that the drivers are paid based on the number of rides they take up in a day. You may think that how come the route planner influences the number of rides taken by the driver. Here is the answer! Since the route planner eliminates the need to travel in the longest route, the driver can save time in each ride and thus take up more rides in a given day. So, the more rides, the more will be their income.

Ultimately, the route planner software will save your overall expenditure. That’s all with the section on the advantages of the route planner. Next, we shall see the different ways to implement the route planner technology.

Helps in spotting petrol pumps

Not only the route planner aids in finding the routes but will also help in spotting petrol pumps, restaurants, washrooms, motel, etc. This will be helpful for drivers while traveling as they can take a break from their trip by pausing at the nearby restaurants or hotel.

Save and share the optimized route

Here comes another importance of in-app route planners. Suppose your driver travels from point A to point B using the optimized route suggested by the app. The driver can save that route and even share it with other drivers for future reference. So, the next time when the driver takes the same route, he/she can refer to the previous route provided by the app.

Set of possibilities to roll out the route planner technology

Maps and route optimization

As the name suggests, the drivers can get to know the optimized routes through maps. One of the advancements in route planning technology is that other than helping in finding the shortest route, it will also help the drivers to know about the climatic conditions. Knowing the weather of the destination is a highly important feature as the drivers can plan their rides with more precautions.

Voice-based navigation assistance

Of course, taking help from the maps can be difficult at times. So, as an alternative, voice-based navigation assistance can be helpful for drivers. After inputting the location information, the app will guide the driver through voice-based instructions so that the driver will not get distracted from the track, which is not in the case of map-based navigation.

As discussed above, these are the ways to implement the route planning technology. Now, it’s time to look at the areas in which you can implement the route planning technology.

Business applications that can use the route planning technology

Travel and transportation apps

It is obvious that the travel apps will highly need this route planning technology to find routes and reach the destination within a short span.

Event apps

Do you remember that we discuss the benefits of route planning technology that helps in finding nearby hotels, restaurants, etc.? So, in event apps, this technology will be much appreciated as users can spot the venue effortlessly. Once the user gives the location, the app will show them the exact location along with the optimized route.

Parking apps

Again, the parks apps will benefit from this technology that lets users find a parking lot for their vehicles. Once the user enters the desired location, the app will show the list of nearby parking areas, and users can make narrow their vehicle to the parking area.

Real-estate apps

Finding real-estate properties can never be this easy with the route planning apps. Through the app, the users can find the properties that are out for sale along with the perfect location details.


So, this blog is highly educational content that discusses the highlights of implementing the route planner technology in business applications. I hope that you enjoyed absorbing this content.

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