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widgets and online sales

Widgets are among the many tools you can use to better connect with your audience and improve online sales. You can embed them into your website to complete a plethora of different tasks. It is especially important if your website doesn’t come with advanced features by default. Whether you want to better showcase your products or make contacting easier, they can bring a lot to your marketing and sales arsenal of features. In addition, widgets and online sales are in close connection because they help you collect numerous data. Most of which will give you a better insight into your visitors’ behavior and help you boost engagement on your website. Everything necessary to adjust your strategy and directly or indirectly improve your sales.

What you should know about widgets and online sales

When you think about widgets, in most cases, they are considered third-party applications. But, despite the initial impression, they can be easily embedded into your website. While most websites grow and develop over time, some more specific functionality requires additional work. And the best way to complete it is by using the appropriate widgets for each desired function. Overall, they are simple to set up and use, usually take a little space, but the benefits they provide are considerable.

Where can you use them?

You can use widgets on almost any type of website out there. But it’s a lot more convenient to implement them if your website is built on one of the major platforms like:

  • WordPress (including other page builders like Beaver Builder, Divi, and Elementor)
  • Wix
  • Shopify
  • Weebly
  • and many more.

If you have an online shop, WooCommerce also benefits significantly from widgets. For example, you can use widgets to display your products in multiple ways. Or for anything that your sales team might find essential to increase online sales.

A vector image showing implementation of a widget on a product page.

What types of widgets are there?

In general, the functionality the widget offers usually decides what group it belongs to. But, with so many different functions available, it can be hard to categorize them all. However, some of the most distinctive groups are:

  • Schedule widgets
  • Lead-capture widgets
  • Review and rating widgets
  • Call widgets
  • Filtering widgets
  • Event widgets
  • Store widgets
  • and others

Benefits of using widgets

One of the biggest advantages is that most of them don’t require advanced technical knowledge:

  • Once you install and activate them, you can easily set everything up relatively quickly. Even customization options are understandably easy to catch up with. At worst, you will have to copy a piece of code, or shortcode, into the widget area or block, which is usually a simple and pretty beginner-friendly step.

Second, whether it is a blog or an online shop, widgets can help with your marketing and sales efforts:

  • On one side, they can help you establish an easy connection and close relationship with your visitors.
  • On the other side, it will increase conversions and online sales. Shopping cart abandonment is a big issue for many e-commerce business. So, this will encourage purchases and reduce the occurrence of potential customers giving up on their shopping.

Widgets are also responsive, so it will be no problem to fit and make them look good on any device. Even popup messages will look more appealing and less disrupting this way.

Finally, they can be a good source of information since they allow you to collect different data about your users.

An easily accessible blue shopping cart button on a black keyboard.

Widgets help you get new customers

Many widgets can help you better connect with potential customers. From enabling a live chat on your website to scheduling direct calls, those are excellent ways to provide complete support. With so many means to connect, this improved engagement will help you increase the number of customers. When visitors look for a fast and efficient way to get in touch, widgets provide various means to do so. It’s an essential benefit to provide them with a quality user experience this way.

Get insight into user behavior

Typically, the goal is to increase your sales potential. However, not every visitor or caller will convert. That’s why widgets are also helpful because they gather specific information about all visitors. They can show you whether they have bought something on your online store or not, for example. Also, you can see how they interact with your website, what actions they take, and plenty of other data. As a result, you will be able to accordingly review and adjust your strategies to improve your sales potential.

They improve your website’s functionality

People who browse your online store expect convenience and a quality user experience. This makes implementing different advanced functionalities mandatory. Maybe they want to check reviews from your previous customers or a simple way to filter your products. Without widgets, this might require quite a bit of effort to implement. So, why invent the new proverbial wheel when you can use something made for this purpose. With a plethora of available options, your website will be not only very functional but it will also be fun to use. The better interactivity, the better the chance visitors will stick around.

Use widgets for social media promotions

Among many possibilities, widgets can help you easily promote your content on social media. For example, with just a few steps, you can make it possible to share info about your products through social media buttons. When someone is satisfied with one of your products, widgets will allow them to announce it to others quickly. With simple product cards shared on different channels, you might increase your online sales by using the same action. Not only will it improve your website traffic, but it will also help you grow your brand awareness.

Make the best out of review widgets

In addition to the previous point, reviews have been growing in importance for years already. Many people are looking for validation from others before making a purchase. Basically, they want to see what others have to say about it first before making a final decision. The more people write a good word about your products or services, the better the chances for additional visitors and conversions. For this, you can use review widgets to show visitors that others appreciate your products or services.

A woman reading online reviews and ratings before buying a dress.

When you are looking for a way to improve your website functionality, there are numerous options. But one of the best and easiest methods is to embed widgets into your website. While getting to know everything about widgets and online sales may take time, it’s a valuable effort that will prove beneficial in the end. You will provide an exceptional user experience, provide visitors with different options, and eventually increase the number of new and loyal customers.

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