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Small businesses have limited capital to work on. You need to maximize your available budget for production, packaging, and marketing, among other expenses. Sometimes, you fail to allot resources for aspects of business management of lesser priority, such as workplace security.

However, that should not be the case. Workplace security should be a prime concern. The amount you shell out to equip your place of business with a top-notch video surveillance system is worth every penny. And you have an array of technological innovations to choose from, including decentralized IP cameras and motion-detector sensors. Even if you’re short on budget, there are products within your financial capacity. In return, your small business reaps the following benefits.

Theft and burglary prevention

If you sell consumer goods, there’s always the risk of your products falling prey to petty thieves. While one shirt might not affect your inventory, repeat incidents of missing products will have a toll on your profit margin. The same goes for resources that go missing due to employee theft. These problems go out the window if people know that they cannot get away with stealing from you. Even potential burglars will be dissuaded to break into your property if they see that it’s littered with CCTVs.

Protection against vandalism and trespassing

Some people will want to send you an unfriendly message via vandalism or trespassing. You won’t understand the motivation behind these people’s actions, so best to always be ready for the possibility of these incidents.

Remember that a wall vandalized by graffiti, no matter how cool it looks, should be repainted—that is, if you want to stay consistent with your branding. A repaint will cost you money. Now consider something worse than graffiti. What if vandals decided to set fire on your business property? These risks are minimized with a surveillance system that sends evildoers the message that you won’t put up with their malicious deeds.

Heightened customer safety

You satisfy customers in a variety of ways. For instance, customers are happy with quality products that are consistent throughout. Another is by communicating to them that their safety is your utmost priority. You can pull off the latter by simply installing CCTV cameras in your place of business. Those surveillance cameras tell your customers that you look after them.

There are advanced surveillance systems that can accurately make a headcount of customers present in your shop. You will be warned if you’ve reached maximum capacity. This is most practical for when you conduct Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales, and your shop’s inundated with customers. You can prevent untoward incidents like a stampede by limiting the number of shoppers within a safe threshold.

Reduced insurance premium cost

You need insurance to cover accidental financial losses. Unfortunately, insurance premium costs can easily eat into your profit. There’s a way to lessen insurance-related expenses via buffing up your place of business’ security systems.

Most insurance providers will look into your security system. That is to inform their decision as regards pricing. You can get discounts off monthly insurance payments if your provider sees that you’re proactive when it comes to security.

Evidence retrieval

God forbid an incident happens in your place of business that warrants official investigation from authorities. But if such a thing happens, your security system will have your back.

For example, a customer claims to have left something of great value in your shop. They want you to take responsibility for their loss. You can review the recorded videos captured by your CCTV cameras to ascertain the accuracy of the customer’s story.

Workplace safety

Your customers are not your only concern. You’re also accountable for your employees. And their safety should be of the utmost importance to you. CCTV cameras will capture the goings-on in your workplace. Surveillance can help deter employees with a penchant for harassment, bullying, or violence from giving their colleagues a hard time. Meanwhile, if an employee comes forward as a victim of harassment or bullying, it will be easy for you to gather evidence from your recorded surveillance videos.

Offsite workplace monitoring

Sometimes, you need time to relax, so you go on a holiday that takes you to the other side of the globe. Or you’re under the weather, and so you call in sick. However, you know you cannot be at peace with total detachment from the workplace. Your security system will allow you to check in on your employees and customers using a mobile device. You won’t have to worry about your staff not following protocols or shoppers putting unpaid stuff in their bags.

In Closing

Your peace of mind is priceless. But it’s something you can buy via the installation of a reliable video surveillance system. Your place of business contains the capital you worked hard on. It pays to protect your resources using security technology at your disposal. Do not regard business security systems as a secondary priority. Keep abreast of security system facts and trends. Make sure you are not left behind.

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