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dynamic testing machine

Dynamic testing machines are also known as dynamic testing system – DTS and are used for testing on asphalt pavement materials or any other pavement materials. These are high-grade, long lasting, and steadfast and cost effective Dynamic Testing machines. This testing machine is used for testing monotonic tension and compression of different material and products. It also helps in determine the endurance levels of the materials. Now with advanced technology, you also find machines that can be fully operated with the help of software support.

There are different types of grips that are used in dynamic testing machine which are listed below

3 pint and 4 point grip:

3 point bending fixture and 4 point bending fixture are used in the dynamic testing machines to check the bending characteristics for the material or the product. This helps determine to what extent the product or material bends before it breaks. The machines do work with the help of static and dynamic torsion and you can also get the clockwise and the counterclockwise analysis to highlight the fundamentals of the dynamic testing machine.

Bollard grip:

Bollard grip is used to test different fibers, yarns and fabric. This helps in determining the durability of the fibers, yarns and fabric and for how long can they last. The fiber or the yarn or the fabric is tied to different ends of the drip and then the grips are pulled in the opposite direction.

Dynamic Testing Machine

Compression plates:

Compression plates are used in dynamic testing machines to check the compression levels of the materials and the products. It helps to determine how much pressure the material or product can take before it snaps. The product of the material is placed between 2 plates and then the pressure is applied from both the sides.

Fluid bath:

Fluid bath is used to submerge the material or product to check how they react at different temperatures of water and how resistant are they to water or if they are best to be used in water. This is does for products that claim to be waterproof or water resistant.

Temperature chamber:

Temperature chamber is used in the dynamic testing machine to check the material or the products in different temperatures to check their durability, sustainability and for how long can they survive in different temperatures.

  • Based on these test results from the dynamic testing machine, the manufacturers are able to approve or disapprove any product or material before they start the mass production and distribute them for sale.
  • If the test results are all green then the instructions on how to handle the product or material is drafted which we see on the product or its packaging. It is all about the physical examination of elements that are variable and that keep on changing with time.

dynamic testing system

If you are confused on how to choose the right dynamic testing machine you can always call the customer center of the manufacturers for dynamic testing machine with the follow thing in mind

  • First make a note of the machine specifications that you want to know about or are interested in. they will guide you in getting the right machine for you
  • Decide the accessories you want with the dynamic testing machine like grips, controls and other accessories. Be clear about your requirements
  • Request a quote from them and a demo of the dynamic testing machine you wish to buy.
  • Do not be shy to tell them your budget, this way they will be able to bring the machines forward that are within your budget and as per your requirement.


There are many manufacturers of dynamic testing machine always chose the most reputed and experienced dynamic testing machine manufacturer.

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