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water flow meters

Selecting a water flow meter to control the flow rate of a certain water flow process can be a complicated task. There could be many factors to consider while choosing an appropriate flow meter, like the type of fluid and the environmental parameters, and a lot more. In this article, you will get to know the various parameters that you should consider while choosing the best water flow meter for your application.

For instance, several flow meters are perfect for measuring thick liquids, and some of them are designed to measure the flow rate of clean water for the accurate supply of water. Some water flow meters require very little maintenance, while some may require more care and take as compared to other flow meters depending on the type of environment and the purpose for which they may be used for.

Here are the Main Considerations that You Should Look in a Water Flow Meter

You must realize the importance and purpose of the water flow meter that you want to use for your applications. Here are some of the considerations that will help you a lot to figure out which category of flow meter will suit well for your application. You can also use it as a checklist to figure out which water flow meter is the best and which one you should consider for your application.

The Type of Fluid Media

The process of selection of water flow meter begins with the understanding of the fluid media that is being involved in the process. This is because the fluid media is the primary factor for which the flow meter is to be used. Thus, to make a nice selection, you need to figure out the exact type of fluid and its characteristics.

Ask yourself the question, is the material you want to measure is liquid, steam, or gas? And what is the density of that liquid? If the material you want to measure has a high density, then you should choose the water flow meter for that purpose. For instance, if you want to find the flow rate of the clean drinking water, then you shouldn’t probably use the flow meter used for milk industries.

Temperature and Pressure Conditions

The accuracy of the flow meter gets affected by the change in temperature and pressure. If the flow meter you choose is unable to provide accurate flow rate readings with the change in temperature condition, then you should probably add a temperature sensor or install a flow meter with temperature sensors.

However, in those conditions in which temperature and pressure are not a concern, you can buy any flow meter that meets all the normal parameters. But in case, in which temperature and pressure are a big concern, you should probably look for the flow meter, which is specially designed for the changing temperature conditions.

Precision Rate of the Flow Meter

The precision of each water flow meter is a crucial factor if you want to get accurate results. The high-precision flow meters have an accuracy rate of ±0.01, but they can be a bit costly. In this concern, if you want to save some money, then you can buy a flow meter that had a typically low accuracy rate but can still provide the most accurate results possible. Accuracy becomes more essential in case you are dealing with chemicals and pharmaceuticals, and you will need an accurate flow meter for that task. But in the water treatment processes, not much accuracy is required, and therefore you can choose a normal water flow meter if you want so.

Calibration of the Flow Meter

Flow meters are often calibrated to provide the most precise readings possible. But after a certain period of time, they need to be calibrated again to work fine and smooth. In this way, always check for the ‘repeatability factor while buying the flow meter for your purpose.

Installation Process and Considerations

The installation process is often complicated and requires professional technicians to do so. Sometimes, the installation location is far more complicated such as a bend in the pipe. In this way, only such kind of flow meters can work well, which have compact size to fit in the complex locations.

Also, you need to check whether the flow meter should be installed upstream or downstream to the fluid flow. You should also consider the installation cost and the maintenance cost for the flow meter. Such cost is more for certain kinds of flow meters, and it can be far less for other flow meters. To choose a water flow meter that fits in the channel or pipe and meets your cost concerns, you can take proper expert advice from experienced technicians.


With this article, we come across some of the big concerns that most people ask while buying the best water flow meter for their purpose. These considerations will surely help you out if you feel stuck at this point. However, always look for quality instead of quantity. Choose a water flow meter made by a renowned brand, whatever cost it may have.

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