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types of roller shutters

If you are planning to enhance your residential or commercial property’s security features, then installing roller shutters could be the best decision to make. These are excellent to protect your home or commercial property from the potential attempts of burglary and vandalism. Apart from providing security features, they also protect your property from harsh weather conditions of rain, hail, sun and wind.

These roller shutters are made from strips of heavy steel that are interlocked and hinged to provide sturdiness and strength to the shutter structure. These shutters operate very smoothly because of coiled springs that are fixed inside them. These shutters are available in different sizes to choose from as per your need and requirement.

Roller Shutters

Different Types Of Roller Shutters That Are Available In The Market Are:

Automatic/Manual Roller Shutter

Based on the type of operation, you can choose either automatic or manual roller shutter. Automatic shutters generally work with the help of power derived from the electric motor and gearbox fixed inside them. They are mostly made from aluminium, galvanized steel and stainless steel. It is used in spaces whose opening size is more than 10m2. Because of electric power, they provide hassle-free operation and are easy to maintain also. In case of power failure, you can operate them manually also. The other type of manual roller shutter, which is not power-enabled. This is a cheaper option. It is a simple shutter that operates by manual pull or push. Manual shutters are used in openings with a size less than 10m2.

Industrial Roller Shutter

Industries mostly consist of large openings that need to be closed securely with the help of roller shutters. But the shutters used in large scale industries are tailored with special features such as extra security and locking elements to provide high-end security and protection from vandalism and unauthorized access. They can be installed internally or externally as per the need. They are mostly made from strong metal, aluminium and steel with a glossy finish that suits shopping malls’ requirement.

Manual Roller Shutter

Commercial Roller Shutter

These shutters are mostly used in all commercial properties such as warehouses, various shop fronts, etc. As they are used for external purposes, they are made from galvanized steel to withstand potential damages caused by rust and external weather conditions.

Insulated Roller Shutter

As the name suggests, these shutters are installed to provide features of insulation in your space. You can install them in warehouses, garages, factories, storage rooms, carports, spray paint booths, etc. were maintaining a specific temperature is your point of concern. These types of shutters are foam-filled to provide proper insulation and help in energy conservation. It is said that installing these shutters can help lower your power bills by 64 % annually. Apart from this, they also reduce noise coming from outside.

Security Roller Shutter

If security is your main point of concern, then you should install these roller shutters for any of your residential or commercial property. To provide the next level of security, these shutters are often manufactured from aluminium or steel. These are installed with wall to wall fit so that they provide complete protection against any kind of theft, vandalism and property damage. Intruders often find it difficult to pass through such kinds of shutters as they had to invest a considerable amount of time to gain access through these shutters.

Anti-Fire Roller Shutter

These type of shutters are manufactured with special features that focus on protecting fire and heat temperature concerns. They protect from all sorts of combustible and flammable elements, that’s why they are best suited for all industrial and retail properties.

These were the main types of roller shutters that you will find in the market these days. Installing a roller shutter in any kind of property is a wise and important decision, so do not take it casually. The right installation plays a key role in. Hence, you must connect with the best roller shutter installation service provider. While there are different types of roller shutter, but the ones made of aluminium or steel are more preferable as they offer longevity and durability. However, you need to determine your requirements and point of concern before choosing the right type shutter for your space.

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