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trekking in nepal


In Nepal, guides and porters are something one has to choose a quality one in quantity. There are thousands of guides and porters in Nepal as the tour and trekking agencies are also erupting according to a certain duration of time. Before choosing the best guide and porters for you there are several things which you should check before choosing as you can get the one appointed or recommended when joining respective trekking and tour agencies. This is the key to success while trekking in Nepal. Your trip would be memorable only with professional, experienced trekking staff. There are many trekking teams of experienced guides and porters in every trekking industry. There are only a few female guides and porters in the trekking field of Nepal and commonly there are mostly male trekking guides.


Guides will show you the way to point out the famous mountains, landmarks and of course dangers, they’ll keep you safe and fascinate with tales of local lore and wild adventures. They are also responsible for your good food and a clean bed in every village and provide you the best experience possible on your trek. Sometimes it is hard to find a good guide for which the guide finding service was started after finding the guide they’ll help you to find porters. Unless you know some Nepali it would be difficult for you as most porters speak little or no English and another language. They’ll help you to sort out park passes and permits and get you to the mountains and for your porters, they work as a general manager. They’ll help you find the best possible experience on your trek.


In the trekking world, porters are the backbone. The hard trails, the thin air, and the heavy gears are the big thing to deal with food trekkers. Mountain peoples and sherpas are especially accustomed to the altitude and thin air. They can spend their lives in the mountains carrying loads. It would be a tough day for you with the heavy pack of gear but it can’t be difficult for porters. Porters should manage the weight with a comfortable single porter that can carry more than 18kg. They typically carry the gear of two people when teahouse trekking in Nepal.

Guide – Porter

Though some guides will operate as porter guides when times are tough not common as specific porters or guides. Some porters can guide you when the times are tough and speak some English and carry some of the gears. When you don’t need the full-blown services of a decided porter and guide and they’ll provide a balanced service. A porter-guide can carry around 10kg on the top of their gear and help you make sure about the trail that you’re supposed to be on.

How to book Guide porter hiring Nepal

It is better to choose a guide who has the best quality in trekking, tours, eco-system, and most valuable provides guests accurate information about the area, culture, lifestyle, religion, and flora, and fauna. They should be dedicated to their job and have to be well-trained by the Government of Nepal, Ministry of civil and Aviation. You can hire some special professional, experienced guides or porters to make your trek more effective. Moreover, if you take at least a sherpa for your tip at Himalaya then it would be better for your safety and information. Guides also need to have a General knowledge of First Aid and can speak English and other languages. Choose porter and Guide wisely as it would be beneficial for you.

Cost of hiring a trekking guide for your trek in Nepal Himalayas

It is difficult to answer how much a trekking guide costs but the prices must depend upon the trek, duration, and many other facts. Ongoing on Nepal Himalayas cost of hiring a trekking guide starts from USD 22 (Nrs 2500) per day. But an outstanding trek guide can cost more around (US$ 30) Nrs 3300 Nepali rupees and if you’re thinking about hiring a professional trekking guide then it can cost a bit more. Professional guides are far better as they can communicate with you nicely and easily and can explain the symptoms of high altitude.

How much to tip

In theory, it is necessary to tip the guide and porters. They should be tipped what you think the guides and porters deserve. It is difficult for trekkers to know how much to give and are afraid of either giving too much or too little. Tips should be provided according to the level of service and enjoyment you get from them. So this information would help you with the tip. Rates of tips also depend upon the length of your trek. If your trek is for a week or two then $200-$250 USD will suffice. You can lean towards the lower end of the spectrum if you’re a solo traveler. As not all guides earn the same amount of salary it is good to think about the tip. Those who are internationally certified in wilderness survival, speak a specific language, and are highly experienced can make up to USD 50- USD 100 per day.

Preferred currency and when to tip

In Nepal, you can either tip in Nepali Rupees (NPR) or US Dollars. When you’re in Kathmandu or Pokhara you can withdraw money from ATMs. You can find ATMs finicky in Nepal, sometimes a few machines can be broken so it would be better to find one that works. Cash or traveler’s checks can be exchanged at a bank.


Travelling, spending holidays, Mountaineering, and trekking in different places are something to do in your life that will fill your heart and some can provide a lifetime experience. It is not necessary to have the same kind of facilities and accommodation everywhere. Although, Nepal is also a must-visit country which is famous for its mountains. It is a lifetime experience you can get while trekking, Porters, and Guides are the persons who would make your journey a success no matter where you go.

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