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transgender hair transplant

Transgender hair transplants help transgender people to achieve the look they desire. The transplant transforms their look into their desired gender. Naturally, female and male hairlines are not the same. You can use a hair transplant to change the shape of your hairline.
Another reason why transgender people have hair transplants is that they experience massive hair loss. The hormonal changes in the body drive the loss. Thus, they need a transplant to fix the problems caused by hormonal imbalance.

Transgender Hair Transplant Helps You Live Your True Identity

Transgender people feel uncomfortable before they transit. Many will confess they felt trapped in the wrong body before they decided to transit. It’s a tough decision to make since there’s some stigma in society.
A transgender hair transplant is usually the last stage of transiting. Many patients do not take the transplant due to many reasons; This makes them feel incomplete. However, you can reveal your true identity with a transgender hair transplant. The transplant will help you reveal your facial features the way you wanted them to be for a long time.

It Alters the Shape of Your Hairline

The male and female hairlines are different- The male hairline is m-shaped. Therefore, many men will have edges at the sides of the head. However, some men have barber cuts that straighten the front part of their hairline; However, edges near the temple distinguish the hairline from the female hairline. 

For women, their hairline is u-shaped. The hairline curls smoothly from one side to the other. They also suffer from receding hairlines a lot; It may be due to tight hairstyles or genetics.
As a transgender person, you can alter the hairline from male to female or female to male. The transplant needs an experienced surgeon. The female hair angle of inclination is different from that of males.

It Doesn’t Alter Your Hormones

A transgender hair transplant does not alter your hormones. Thus, if you were predisposed to the hair loss pattern of your previous gender, then you will carry the problem with you into your new gender.
The transgender process can affect your hormones. It is caused by the medication you get to alter your hormones to fit the new gender. Unfortunately, this comes long before you have a transplant.

Boosts Your Esteem

When you are not comfortable with yourself, you may have doubts and lack confidence. A transgender hair transplant will help you feel like the real you. It boosts your confidence and self-esteem.
When a transgender person starts the transition journey, they may achieve everything but not the facial appearance. They will still feel incomplete because they don’t look how they wish. A transgender hair transplant fixes the appearance. Hence. The patient will feel comfortable and confident.

Improves your Mental Health

Transgender people go through ridicule when they decide to change. Although it comes after evaluating several factors and challenges they may face, they do not stop others from judging them. In some cases, the words may wear them down, causing them to feel depressed.
Once they are done with a transgender hair transplant, they start to rebuild their confidence. The people who were ridiculing them would start to understand it is their identity. They will embrace them more and ease the mental pressure on transgender patients.

Creates or Removes a Beard

You can use a transgender hair transplant to create or remove a beard. For example, FTM transgender people would need a beard to appear more masculine. Thus, they have an FUE hair transplant to create a beard.
For MTF transgender hair transplant, a patient may want to eliminate the beard. Thus, the follicles on the beard are extracted and used for hair loss on the scalp. It serves two purposes- to remove the beard and fill in the bald spots.

It’s Expensive

Transgender hair transplant is expensive than other hair transplants. Although they pay the same rate per graft, they may need more than one session to get their desired look. Also, it involves extra techniques to shape the hairline to fit the new gender.
Transgender hair transplant is complete. The patient has the surgery even before they stabilize the hormones. It may take a long time to stabilize hormones due to the drugs they take.

It’s Permanent

The best part about a transgender hair transplant is that it’s permanent. It doesn’t matter how many sessions a patient has to take. But after the hormones are stable, then they can retain their transplanted hair.
A hair transplant saves a transgender person from a lifetime medication of hair remedies. Several drugs can be taken and applied to keep their hair growing. However, the methods are not sustainable due to the cost. Thus, a patient can have a transplant and ease themselves from the drugs.

Techniques are similar to Normal Transplants

Transgender hair transplants can be FUE or FUT. Many of them choose FUE to avoid scarring. There is no difference between a typical hair transplant and a transgender hair transplant. The only thing that defines the transplant is the goal and purpose.
A transgender hair transplant is aimed at altering the appearance. On the other hand, a normal hair transplant is aimed at fixing an appearance. The outcome differentiates the two.

Increases Self Love

One way you can increase self-love is by loving how you look. A transgender patient has a final look in their mind. When they undergo all transformation, they can finally see what they visualized. As a result, they will start loving themselves more.
Self-love is manifested in how they talk about themselves and the care they have for themselves. Since they are at peace with their inner self, they can spread love to other people.


transgender hair transplant may seem like just a hair transplant surgery. However, it is much more than just transferring hair follicles from one point to another. The transplant will help the patient feel more like themself. They love their new look as it’s in line with their inner self. The patient, in the end, will feel more confident. It also helps to increase their levels of self-love. That love is spread to people around them. 

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