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trademark registration

Trademarks online helps you become safe from your brand name infringements for a safe and secure future. You’d always want to be safe than sorry in the future.  

As a startup, you work so hard for your business to stand firmly. You work day and night into building up your game. Working relentlessly on logos, names, symbols, brochures and different ideas. In order for you to keep you innovative ideas protected, you need a trademark.  

Trademark protects your intellectual property and prevents from stealing your credibility and brand identity from other competitors. As you know, there are a million brands who have made their firm position in the market and they are monotonous. Only because nobody can steal off their names and identity. Trademarks protects your brand name and works as an asset for you for initial loan purposes and reputation building. You gain your consumers and your employees trust initially by getting a trademark. However, obtaining trademarks can be done in two ways, through statute and common law.  

Trademarks through common law can simply be incurred by initially standing out and having a unique name for your brand without a certain amount of money. You just need to identify what your brand has to provide to the consumers. Whereas, trademarks rights through statute law needs to be given a certain amount and that comes under your maintenance of your trademarks.  

Because of the costs involved, a startup will probably only get statutory trademark protection for a limited number of key marks in some jurisdictions. 

However, your business can be registered in either three of these categories, Private Limited Company, Public Limited Company or One Person Company. 

Here are some key ideas to become distinctive when you’re getting a trademark registered: 

  • You will have a win-win situation if you stand out. You need to look different and become different in order to sustain. 
  • You should register your website names and domains to avoid any troubles in the future.  
  • You should keep in mind the competition and always have a firm idea of being distinctive in making your logo for your brand identity.  

If you plan on expansion in the foreign market, you will have to register your trademarks in those jurisdictions as well. Otherwise you can disrupt the local distributors and could become an infringer in a foreign land. A good trademark lawyer will help you guide all the beneficial requirements and rights that has to be kept in mind before facing any damage. With time, as you keep on adding more products to your company, you should keep your lawyer well informed so he/she would keep a check and be up to date in building up your portfolio.  

Don’t launch your brand without properly vetting it. Look for all the pros and cons and the best thing to help you through this would be hiring a sensible lawyer who can help you sustain through it and will make things legal for you.  

A good lawyer will not charge you a handsome amount and will always guide you through mentioning all the risk factors involved as well.  

Before even launching your brand and products, file an application for trademark before using it in public. It may take a while to get registered but in order to be safe for future purposes and maintain your reputation in the eyes of the consumers, you should file for an application before it’s actually too late.  

Proper registrations will help you stop other brands to copy your name, logos and ideas since you have a right on paper to do so. Always be prepared to fight for your right if you are moving forward with good intentions, nobody will be able to pull you back. Remember, all your hard work can go to waste if you don’t work on your brand and still an infringement occurs. People can violate your brand names and they can even earn out of it. Don’t let your hard work go to waste just like that. Nobody should have the authority to play with your real brand name and identity and make it their own. However, getting a trademark is not at all difficult but choosing the right colour, logo, etc could be a bit tricky. You need to choose the right colour in order to stand out and look different. You need to be cautious about building your image in the industry and for that being legally secure could be a plus point for you. It is very much needed for a startup to get registered, as they are so new in the market and the infringers are too clever to have an eye on you. It’s better to have a safe future than to literally cry about it for not being legally registered in the first place.  

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