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Do you want to track and monitor the mobile of your kids or employees? You can do that without facing hazels because technology has become advance in a decade. Now you can employ cellphone tracking apps to get the job done. People nowadays can monitor mobile location, calls, messages, internet history, emails, surrounds of mobile, and many more. You can even track mobile without them knowing and to the fullest. You don’t need to scratch your head anymore to track a mobile device. I am going to discuss ways to monitor a cellphone device in the following.

How to find out ways to track a mobile?

If you want to do surveillance, you need to find out cellphone tracking software in the first place. There is no better option than TheOneSpy to do that job. You can go to the web browser of your cellphone or PC and search for it. You will get the official site, and then you can get the license and credentials via an email. You have to get the target device in your hands to start the process of installation. You cannot install a cellphone monitoring app on the target mobile without physical access to it. You can finish the process of installation and activate the application on the target device and further activate the web control panel. You will get the tools that work as ways to track a mobile with the TheOneSpy. Take a look at the following mentioned ways to get the job done.

TheOneSpy Features enables you to track a mobile

You can use cellphone monitoring app features that provide you dozens of ways to track mobile for digital parenting of kids, and you can also use it to track employees during working hours.

Record Mobile calls

A call recorder tool is the best way to know what kids or employees are talking about inbound and outgoing cellphone calls. You can record and listen to the calls and save the data of the mobile calls on the dashboard.

Read text messages on the phone

You can monitor and track text messages by using text messages tracking app on the target mobile and read the conversations of a cellphone user. You will get to know what they are talking about on chat conversations.

Track visited websites & bookmarking

Mobile spy software enables you to get access to the installed phone browsers, and you can further examine the browsing history in terms of websites visited and bookmarked webpages.

By recording live mobile screen

You can track mobile to the fullest by recording the screen of a cellphone using a screen recorder. It will help you out to record short time videos of the phone screen using its web portal and save the recorded videos on the dashboard. You can see the recording and get to know what a phone user is up to.

Track GPS location of a mobile

You can use a cellphone tracking tool to know about the GPS location of the target mobile by using the GPS location tracker app. It enables you to monitor and track live GPS location, location history, and you can use geo-fence to make safe and forbidden zones.

Block text messages

Users can block messages on a cellphone to prevent chat and text messages on the cellphone device remotely via an online dashboard. It means you can prevent the target phone user from any conversation.

Block incoming calls

You can block the incoming calls on a cellphone due to some odd reasons, and it will provide you ways to protect your teens from strangers.

Block the internet on mobile

You can block the access of the internet at any point in time remotely to stop messaging on the social messaging app, chat, conversations, and all the activities that require the internet to proceed.

Social media monitoring

You can track mobile installed instant messaging apps to the fullest. It enables you to read messaging, conversations, photo sharing, video sharing, and voice calls logs and many more.

Surround recording

If you want to track mobile surroundings to know about the conversations and gossips, then you can use surround recording tools to record and listen to the surrounding voices, sounds, and conversations.


TheOneSpy is the best tool for parents and employers that provide plenty of ways to track mobile for digital parenting and to keep a check on employees.

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