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production houses in singapore

Video production is an art, and it requires skill to provide the best results. But skills are limited to the quality of equipment you possess. We are not saying that skills don’t matter, but low-quality equipment can limit your ability to tap into your full potential.

Quality equipment is usually not cheap, but if you are thinking about creating the best-looking competitive visuals, then there is no harm in knowing what you need. And where can we find info about the equipment required for quality production? The answer is simple top production houses can work as a great source of reference.

So, in this article, we will give you an overview of the type of equipment that the top production houses in Singapore use. You might think that this is an affiliate guide, but it’s not! We are just here to give you an overview of the required equipment, not suggestions. So, without wasting any more of your time, let’s begin our guide.

Skilled Labor

OK, so you might be thinking that skilled labor cannot be classified as equipment, but we disagree. We think that skilled labor is the first piece of equipment that you need before buying anything else. And the top-rated video production houses usually have the best-skilled labor. Because no matter how much they can invest in expensive equipment, it’s useless without the workforce to achieve optimal results. Most top production houses in Singapore have the following skilled individuals or teams.

  1. Expert Photographers
  2. Experienced Videographers
  3. Experts in Lightening (it can be photographers/videographers themselves)
  4. Editing crew
  5. Location scouts and set up staff

Skilled Labor

Quality Cameras and Lenses

A production house is useless without high-end cameras. Usually, most production houses have top-of-the-line cameras, and they have multiple ones to get all the necessary shots. When you pair skilled labor with quality cameras, you will get the best result.

Furthermore, they can’t use a single lens for all the shots, so for that, they have different lenses. As an example, If they are taking a wide-angle shot, they use a lens that can take wide-angle shots, and if they are taking a closeup shot a different lens is required. So, in short, there is a separate lens for different shots, and the top production houses usually have them all.

Some top video cameras that they use:

  • Canon XA15
  • Panasonic AG-CX350

Highly Efficient Stabilizers

Stabilizers play an important role in taking highly efficient and stable shots. All the professional camera equipment usually have pre-build stabilizers, but a true professional understands that for a crip quality external stabilization is also required. Most of the time, they have stabilizers for every shot, such as a moving shot, a steady shot, or high action shots. These stabilizers can be bought, but some of them are custom made by these top-rated production houses.

Lighting Equipment

This is the most important thing about creating a quality video production. Only perfect lighting or locations can enhance the quality of the video/photo. For that, production houses in Singapore use expensive lighting equipment. There can be many types of lighting equipment, such as strobe lights, continuous lights, or speedy lights. All of them are used for different setups.

Editing Softwares

Last but not least, top production companies possess the best editing software to turn your imagination into a dreamy reality. You might have heard about some popular software such as final cut pro or adobe premiere pro. Yes, they are expensive, but a quality video production agency requires these products to create marvels with their raw shots. Taking shots is one thing, but editing them to create attractive visuals is what matters most.

Final Thoughts!

Creating a visually attractive video requires skills, equipment, and some initial investment. The initial investment might seem a bit expensive, but quality equipment can provide the best return on this investment. Our analysis of the top production houses in Singapore revealed the basics requirements and equipment for quality video production. We hope that you found our overview helpful, and if you are looking for more details on these requirements, feel free to comment down below.

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