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places to visit in kerala

Kerala is one of the country’s most lively states. The state attracts people worldwide with its own well-known culture and countryside. There are plenty of places you should not miss in Kerala during your time. The history ensures that all aspects, from the local leaders over time, are clearly reflected. Kerala was highly esteemed by the Portuguese, the Dutch, and the British. Kerala was an important commercial site and a stronghold of the military.

Tourism and Kerala

As there are no shortages of locations, tourism is an essential part of the State. Due to the geographical conditions, you can see several beautiful views of Kerala. Various animals find their habitats, and in such conducive conditions, a certain number of plant species thrive.

Travelers often face a problem that they do not know where to start because of the many places. However, there are still some in the state that stands out even among these many beautiful places. Here are some of the highlights of Kerala, where you can experience the best of the Earth of God.


Thekkady is one of the highlights here with the extensively forested Periyar area, which boasts a rich flora and fauna, located near the border between the South Indian states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Varied fauna, ranging from elephants to tigers, is located in the Periyar Wildlife Reserve. The area is surrounded by a beautifully sumptuous landscape and is covered by evergreen and feeding forests. It is also an elephant reserve, which is a pride for the faune of Kerala. It is one of India’s 48 tiger reserves.

The ride to Thekkady is an experience in itself, and the boat ride to the Periyar National Park is a memorable journey. You can also try bamboo rafting, mix with local people and learn about the culture of indigenous peoples.

Mammals such as the Indian giant squirrel and sloth bear are the main attractions of this wildlife sanctuary. Reptiles like the King Cobra and birds like the Nilgiri and the Sri Lankan frogmouth can also be found in Thekkady. For all these reasons, Thekkady should be listed in Kerala.

Thekkady is also known as a field for farming, particularly for spices such as cinnamon, clove, and musk. In fact, it is one of the places that any tourist in Kerala can visit.

Kochi Fort

Fort Kochi is a local seaside township which, because of its status as an initial European town in this area, has become one of the most important places to visit in Kerala, and its historical importance.

This region has a history of hundreds of years. A number of various rulers – Portuguese, Dutch and British – have gone through Kochi. There was therefore a beautiful collection of monuments and features that all these cultures reflect.

The church of St. Thomas built under the Portuguese, the place where once the village of Vasco da Gama was buried, has several beautiful monuments in it.

Must-visit sights include the Dutch cemetery, Chinese fishing nets along the river, the Indo-Portuguese Museum, Basílica Santa Cruz, and Palace of Mattancherry. For all these reasons, Fort Kochi is certainly one of the places to visit in Kerala.

Chembra Peak

Located in the area of Wayanad near the State border with Karnataka, Chembra is famous for being the highest peak in the state with a height of more than 2000 m. It is one of the most popular walking locations in the area and is connected to the Nilgiri Hills in the Tamil Nadu Range of Ghats.

In order to reach the peak, prior authorization is needed, but most wildlife threats prevent hikers from hiking in this area. But once you walk along the green slopes, you’re about half-way up to the summit of the famous heart-shaped lake. Often in the middle of low clouds, when you put your eyes on the countryside, you will lose words.

It also promotes tourists through tour guidance and support. The forest department supports tourists. The trekking during the mountain is avoidable and, due to various threats posed by wildlife attacks, the landscape has made it necessary to ban camping at the peak. The journey is certainly worth it, however, because the spectacular views and the seaside around the halfway trail contribute to the charm of the place.

Attukal Temple

The Attukal Temple, one of the most famous religious sites in the state, is certainly one of the places you must visit in Kerala. It is well-known among fans from all over, who live all over the year, especially during the festival of Pongal, which takes place early in the year.

The Guinness Book of World records even lists the most women in one place to be marked for religious purposes; more than 4 million women are shown each year at this place for the festival.

The main divinity of the temple is the Hindu goddess Parvathi, also known as kannaki. It is situated near Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala. This is one of the places to visit in Kerala, especially for the devotees.

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