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on-demand mobile apps like uber

When you need to get somewhere easily and affordably, Uber, the most popular ride-hailing app, is likely at the top of your list. It is extremely convenient, particularly if you do not have access to a car or do not wish to drive. And one of the best things about Uber is that you will almost always find a driver. Because of the large number of drivers who make a good living by using this rideshare app, there is no waiting time. So, Build a Mobile App like Uber which will help your business to grow and achieve great success.

Following are the Top 10 On-Demand Mobile Apps

The new generation of on-demand smartphone iOS and Android applications has recently revolutionized the way companies provide their services.

At this time, mobile technology has developed and progressed beyond our imagination through years of advances, providing live talks, immersive socialization, and other desired lifestyle goals.


Drizly is the best booze On-Demand Delivery Service App, particularly for a party when you need chilled beer bottles. You can order a large delivery or only a couple of bottles of alcohol to go with your pizza.

It all comes from Drizly. The software also features incredibly prearranged booze sets for quick ordering with several plates and occasions.

Main Features

  • Spirits, beers, and wines with the greatest selection
  • 1-hour delivery
  • In your area, compare prices
  • Payment by card or credit card


Apps for service on demand are not only intended for food or taxi applications, they can support many everyday lives, such as Soothe. Soothe is specifically intended to alleviate the tension with a massage service on request.

It provides its services in a few U.S. cities and allows smartphone customers to arrange a high-quality massage in their homes, offices, and hotels.

The app uses qualified professionals who bring the entire massage set including pad, oil, audio, linen, and other items to make your workout worthwhile. The software has 6 types of notifications to serve various user choices.

Main Features

  • Create your personalized spa
  • Refer to specialist massage practitioners for the most professional
  • 24X7 client care team 24X7
  • Review reviews to enhance the experience of massaging


When you’re the one who needs to develop the application, TaskRabbit is a remarkable application on demand. Like Handy, TaskRabbit also offers laundry, decor, repair, and maintenance services to assist you with household services.

It connects you with local people to do your work. When you complete each mission, you can review your to-do list in the app. You can even request any service you like with cashless payment. You should be confident that both services are high-quality and highly reliable.

Main Features

  • Connect you to the area to do jobs
  • Check the to-do list when the job is complete
  • Cashless functionality to order every service
  • Quality and marked security service


Postmates was originally designed to include different household goods and furniture, which was launched recently. Later on, the app was a replacement for food supplies. Postmates are the reason why the growth of the food supply industry has grown.

The app has many great features that allow you to order food at reasonable prices from restaurants and supermarkets. This is a huge relief for those who are out of time to visit a shop or restaurant.

Main Features

  • Anything provided quicker everywhere
  • 24/7 service to customers
  • Brands can be included only
  • Different payment options are available

My Medicash App

Medicash is now the user-friendliest application for healthcare services. While it is not entirely pocket-friendly for each visit, this feature-rich app provides great value for money.

You should use Medicash to submit your application with a few taps and in 15 minutes you will be contacted by a trained professional.

Main Features

  • Make a point straight away via the app
  • Add bank information and registration to email alerts
  • Access your insurance plan’s other advantages quickly
  • Capacity to include infant dependents


Are you sick of your washing? Rinse will make the clothing less uncomfortable by the difficult and time-consuming work.

This Best On-Demand Service App makes the washing a lighter work To facilitate scheduling, rinse comes to the rescue. The service is 7 days a week and you can choose a delivery date and time.

Main Features

  • High-quality washing guaranteed
  • Pick-up and distribution from door to door
  • Customized style washing
  • Pleasant payment in cashless


Rover is also a popular doggy daycare app for the home. Similar to Wag, the functionality of the app helps you take care of your pet to increase comfort and reduce your household burden.

The software makes the handling of requests much easier and performs more efficiently than Wag.

Main Features

  • Aid 24/7 for all reservations
  • Free and safe payments
  • To react quicker, push notifications
  • Simple knowledge sharing


Handy is an application that binds you to cleaners, handy people, and manufacturers. It is suitable for those who require assistance with domestic tasks such as washing or moving items or furnishing.

A handyman or a woman can book an appointment, providing that you provide them with cleaning equipment.

Main Features

  • Find jobs quickly in the neighborhood
  • Home maintenance and cleaning professionals
  • Accessible next day
  • Accessible price like tax & tip


This is a special On-Demand Service App Development that provides services to provide a nice surprise or to show your affection for, or even to congratulate someone. With an easy and intuitive interface, Bloom allows you to choose from the collection of new seasonal donations.

Main Features

  • Send in moments roses and presents.
  • Documents and recalls on special days.
  • Seamless fusion with your calendar
  • Exclusive app deals and advantages only.

Urban Clap

The largest Indian at-home facilities app is Urban Clap or Urban Company You will book beauty and cleaning services at home. This app offers more than 50 services and you can reserve home services at acceptable prices.

Main Features

  • Ability to access yoga therapists, plumbers, carpenters, electricians
  • House laundry, painting, maintenance services services
  • Part of the support center accessible
  • Pre-approved price-based services


These on-demand applications drive a new revolution in the industry with innovative means of making a living, taking something different from a 5-day work system. Users make a big change in their lives with these utility applications on call. Especially with its advantages, the 10 best-demand service applications mentioned above are flexible working hours and no brick & mortar business. The smooth economy of these genius applications may be the reason why service apps on demand are now becoming a major trend in the fast-moving social economy.

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