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realme 6i back covers

Realme 6i solves the most debated statement:” Smartphones are dead expensive”.  Now, you don’t have to pay EMIs to buy your smartphone because Realme serves to all. Now that you have answers for your major problem, let’s take care of the peripheral ones. This guide is to walk you what you have to do in terms of protecting your Realme 6i i.e. get your phone a wholesome Realme 6i cover. But before you proceed to do that,  let us help you narrow your options down.

So, here’s what you should know about the material, type, protection level, appearance and a lot more

Heavy metal cases

Realme 6i is a relatively light phone. But, being light makes it delicate and prone to serious damage. Therefore, it shouldn’t be much of a problem to buy a somewhat bulky back cover for your Realme 6i.  In such cases, heavy metal cases are the best option. Buying a good quality one might cost you a bit but these cases are military drop protection tested and protect the corners, side buttons and your back camera lens.

Transparent back covers

Realme 6i has a plastic back which retains fingerprints and dusts. This makes your phone filthy and you have to keep cleaning it all the time. Going for a transparent silicone cover will keep your phone away from such dirtiness and also, lessen its maintenance. Transparent covers are the best if you want your phone to not be hidden and keep up its original look. You won’t even notice you have added something to your phone if the back cover is transparent.

Designer cases

Realme 6i comes in two colours: lunar white and eclipse black. As boring as it sounds, creativity has taken a major setback. Therefore, it is most likely you’ll look for a colourful and bright case, keeping in mind the protection levels and quality. There are a number of amazing option, in heavy metal, silicone, leather and many other materials, but the best is TPU covers which provide protection as well as design.

There are millions of stores and online apps which customise these designs and patterns for you. You can experiment with your phone covers and if you think it’s expensive, it is nowhere even close. If you are too lazy to be a designer, there are a million options available and its most unlikely that you will not find what you like

TPU cases

TPU i.e. thermoplastic polyurethane covers are considered to be the best in all aspects. Be it toughness, drop resistance, patterns and designs, these covers are a package. They come in amazing colours, designs, graphics and patterns which make them better from cheaper plastic cases which provide design but negligible protection. Indeed an evolution.

Wooden cases

After furniture, utensils and almost everything else, wood has conquered the back of your phone.  These cases can be recycled and are eco-friendly, perfect for all those who have a nature activist hidden inside them. Wood has always been loved for its authentic and aesthetic appeal, closer to nature. Protection wise, you can say it is pretty decent, durable ad hard enough. You might have to spend a bit more here but it’s totally worth the experience of trying out something new.

Carbon fibre cases

Now why does your phone break? One when you hit it and two, when you drop it. To solve the latter problem, you need a better grip of your phone and these carbon fibre cases give you exactly that. With a cool, edgy look and amazing grippy texture, they are designed for all the casual people who keep swinging their phones as if it were a ball. And even if your phone falls, good carbon fibre back covers are built with Kevlar fibre which is drop tested and will still keep your phone safe.


There you go, We have answered all your questions about phone back covers and have given you every detail you need to know for your Realme 6i cover in terms of protection, grip, design and material. All the types of cases mentioned above are available for Realme 6i back cover. Well, head out and get your back cover now!

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