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b2b mobile apps

Mobile development used to run B2B business easily. It is best if you consider many things before you include business attraction, financing, or venture for hiring a new employee. If you want something to run smoothly, the manager of the office can make the work easy. Read below top B2B mobile apps.


When you are looking for project management, mobile apps make work easy for you today. Those apps are available for desktop, iOS, and Android devices. Asana is one of the apps that help everyone to stay organized and productive.

The app helps team managers to easily assign members for sending you an email. You can give a task to anyone and create projects such as dates, subtasks, and all available notifications on the same page.

You can get an update; you can inform your team manager. All the features included here are easy to run B2B business properly.


When you have this app on your phone, you will never miss the meeting again because of forgetting. Most CEOs are not organized for appointments; this app can help you and others.

WebEx has all features you need to keep speeding up your meetings and officers. This app helps you to host and attend meetings and organizations for online events. You can now stay in touch with others in a forum while you are in the office.

You can use your phone to host and attend the meetings to keep you organized. When you need to communicate with others, it is essential to check this app.

Google drive

This is the most popular mobile apps for B2B id Google drive is keeping your team files safe and secured. Those files are arranged starting from photos, design, charts and documents of the recorded and many more.

The good thing with this app has a desktop version to switch when you are in the office. Google Drive does not allow you to document and include images, videos, and audios.

You can easily access your drive from wherever from the computer. The most beneficial of this app is perfect for the business of your virtual office. Therefore, you will handle all the tasks from your phone or computer to manage the files and keep them secured.


It is hard when you are running a B2B business, and you have a gap between desktop and mobile. Between the word document, images, spreadsheets, it will be hard to access what you need when running a different business.

This app has a clipboard that allows you to paste your text into any of the mobile apps. The app is used to support 23 different types of language and dialect on various editing features. The app is easily allowed for the date, subtask, and notifications.

You will get updates to inform you in the team to enable you to get a notification. All the features help you to get feedback from members.

Voice text

Voice text is one of the best mobile apps transcribed for your text and email. You will quickly get a notification. You can easily post your content on Facebook and other social network such as Facebook, Twitter, and others to quickly get all the information. The app has a clipboard to allow you to pass the text from another mobile app. You can use it to connect the grammars.


You can keep updating news impossible for the B2B business or another constant on the go. You can check out the publication of the to find you look impressive. You can quickly get breaking news of the daily update—the best ways to remedy for downloading on Android phones and computers.

Flipboard helps you together with the social network content and publication of your blogs and articles. You can get subscribed to Flipboard to notify you of anything that is happening to give you content.

LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn pulse is organized to gather the information of all news relevant to your industry and interest. It is the best mobile app you may need to use in your daily work. You can ultimately present and quickly easy for formatting.

This app gives you total control and provides you with feedback, and gives you the personal follower market. You can get the influence of the source that has informative content relatives to your business. When you want to organize your meetings on time, go and look for the LinkedIn Pulse app.

Final words

Those are some of the essential apps you need to get when you start managing all your meetings. You do not need to be physical in the office nowadays with this app, and you can make things easy and faster. Hopefully, this article helps you to get the information you are looking for from mobile apps.

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