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Running a business or personal website requires a lot of effort to become successful. Many brands and website owners ignore the SEO aspect of their website because it takes too much time to research and apply. There is a lot that goes into making your SEO work for you. However, with the right mindset and tools, you will succeed in your implementation. 

Today, we are going to discuss an effective SEO checklist that makes your research and implementation a breeze. This new and handy marketing bundle is called the SEO Buddy Checklist. Although the name sounds simple, the checklist has numerous guides and documentation than any other marketing course we’ve ever come across.

What makes SEO Buddy Checklist great is that it makes it easier for marketers and web owners to learn different effective SEO strategies within days. With it, you don’t have to spend much time and money on online courses. Besides SEO, there are other benefits for businesses undergoing marketing challenges. Let’s learn more about this incredible checklist. 

SEO Checklist by SEO Buddy

SEO Buddy has come up with the ultimate SEO Checklist with 100+ SEO factors that can be set up instantly. With each SEO factor, there are step-by-step instructions to help web owners, their website administrators, and marketing team perform vital SEO actions. 

It is a perfect resource, especially for a small business that does everything in-house. It is just like hiring an SEO agency or consultant to optimize or carry out an audit of your website. The SEO Checklist is not just for small businesses, but also anyone who runs a website and wants it garner sufficient web traffic through SEO. It comes with various resources such as content calendars, standard operating procedures, and with each SEO Buddy Checklist bundle, there are Trello boards included.

All guides, documentation, and checklists are downloadable. As a user, you can easily download and view them instantly, online. 

Overview of the 102-Point SEO Checklist

Just from its appearance, you can tell that this is not one of those usual free SEO checklists found on the internet. Most blogs that offer SEO checklists and SEO tips hardly go beyond 5 to 10 individual ranking factors. And the worst thing about them is that they also don’t provide important steps to help users implement themselves. 

The SEO Checklist by Buddy is an ultimate and one of a kind checklist that applies the current ranking factors, SEO best practices, and expert recommendations of Google algorithm. You will be amazed by the checklist’s vast information. 

There is a unique guide that comes with each point showing steps that need to be followed when setting up content, tracking tools, technical markup, and crucial analytics to help you rank higher in Google. Using your best keywords, the SEO checklist is designed to get your website on the first page of Google. 

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Contents of the SEO Checklist by Buddy

  • 100+ key factors in ranking and optimizing your website for Google
  • Each SEO point has step-by-step guides  
  • Expert guide in keyword research 
  • All recommended tools for research, measuring, and tracking SEO
  • Google My Business Setup and Optimization
  • Google Analytics setup
  • 52-week Content Calendar
  • Google tagging setup
  • Over 50 Content Distribution Checklist
  • Set up for Google Search Console 
  • Latest workarounds to Google algorithm updates
  • Over 40 SEO standard operating procedures
  • Trello board templates

The checklist offers more than what we’ve mentioned and if you want to view every area that this bundle affects your business, then you will have to get a free preview. This is the perfect bundle for any business that is going through SEO challenges and looking for effective SEO solutions, integrate SEO into its marketing strategy, and learn more about SEO efforts implementation. 

How SEO Checklist by Buddy Works

Normally, the hardest part in SEO is how to get started. Lacking a team to help you come up with a strategy, backlinking, schema markup, content creation and social media posting, slows down the process. With SEO Buddy Checklist, you can optimize your website very quickly by following the checklist point by point. The keyword research part of the checklist is quite helpful and it will help you get around competitive keywords by suggesting other keywords that will help you increase web traffic in your website. 

Implementing other SEO actions in your website may only take 15 minutes. However, it also takes little time to implement, even when the guide is longer compared to enrolling in online courses or doing it on your own. You don’t need to go through a lecture to understand all the steps involved. 


An SEO checklist or guide is not meant to go with every business model. You will, however, love the SEO Checklist by buddy because it caters for everyone, even those who just want to learn more about SEO. It offers in depth information than your topical SEO blog plus it’s updated regularly to keep up with current changes in Google algorithm. What makes this SEO great is that you can use your best keywords and get on the first page of Google. 

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