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cell phone repair

You’ve lived with that cracked screen or slow-charging battery and you’re finally ready to fix your phone. You may have considered sending the phone for repair. Of course, you are probably wondering, “What should I do first?” There are several things you need to take before sending your phone to the cell phone repair. Please follow the steps below before sending your phone for repair to avoid issues. Smartphones have become essential in our daily life, you may end up damaging them.  Sometimes your cell phone can be fixed just by following some original tips and tricks. However, you may need an expert and a good service center to handle the major damage to your cell phone. But before you decide to go to the cell phone repair service center, there are a few things to keep in mind before giving.

  1. Visit a reputable and certified service
  2. Remove the SIM card
  3. Remove the security / PIN locks
  4. Delete external micro-SD card
  5. Write down your IMEI
  6. Create a full backup
  7. Reset
  8. Provide all information about the damage
  9. Warranty on repairs

Visit a reputable and certified service:

By going to a reputable and certified cell phone repair, you can avoid worrying about data breaches and personal information leaks. Also, if the technician is not qualified, you may end up with a completely new problem related to it, which is why you went to the workshop in the first place. Whether you want to fix your iPhone or Android phone, it’s always better to use references instead of going somewhere blindly.

Remove the SIM card:

It may seem very obvious, but it is worth mentioning. Hence, it is always best to stay out of trouble. With the SIM card eject tool, you can easily eject and use the existing SIM card in any other smartphone and keep using it until it is fixed. Make sure you have the eject tool handy!

Remove the security / PIN locks:

When you visit the service center to have your phone repaired, the next step is to deactivate the PIN code, pattern lock, Face ID, or fingerprint authentication. This would allow the technicians to easily diagnose and repair the mobile phone and also ensure the accuracy of the repair performed, which could otherwise be left uncertain if you forget to remove the password.

Delete external micro-SD card:

With a SIM card, if your smartphone supports a micro-SD card slot and you have a card installed in the slot. Then you need to remove it and keep it safe with you along with the SIM card. This is because most of your media files would be stored on this micro SD card, so keep it safe. It is always recommended to remove the external memory/memory card from the smartphone if present. You may have sensitive data in your external storage and if your memory card is accidentally lost or damaged, you will have to lose all your data.

Write down your IMEI:

To avoid any risk of losing your device, it is best to write down your IMEI number. So, if your phone is mistakenly given to someone else with the same make, model, and color and you have received their phone instead, you can identify your smartphone with your IMEI number. This speeds up the process of returning the phone. If you can’t find the IMEI number, you can dial * # 06 # on the keypad, the IMEI number will appear on the screen.

Create a full backup:

Data is one of the most important things on our phones these days. So it becomes important for everyone to have a backup of all these important data. This avoids the risk of losing data during the repair process and you can be carefree. You can sync your contacts with Google contacts, calendar with Google Calendar, Keep with Google Keep, photos with Google Photos, and other data that you can upload to Google Drive or backup to an external storage device or disk stiff.


Today everything is digitized. From your contacts, important documents to your personal and professional data; almost everything is stored and recorded on our phones. While removing the security locks from your phone, all these details are at risk. Make sure resetting your phone erases all your data and restores your phone to factory default settings.

Provide all information about the damage

Most of us tend to keep using our phones even after a broken screen, battery problem, etc. until they can no longer be used. It is always recommended to provide a detailed report on cell phone damage. It will help the cell phone repairer to solve and solve all the problems in one go.

Warranty on repairs:

Before leaving the repair center, request a repair guarantee. This is because if you take your phone back and the same glitch or glitch occurs, it will help you strangle your pockets by spending more.


We all know that repairing phones is not easy and not everyone can fix them at home. Some people certainly have the skills to fix them, but more often than not they are left to the So, at this time, it becomes very important to make sure that it is given to the right people of cell phone repair who know the task, and also in the right way so that they cannot misuse the phone or information it contains. We are convinced that our information will help you a lot.

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