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stretch ceiling lighting

As far as interior lighting is concerned, a stretch ceiling with proper illumination seems to be an interesting trend. You can create an illuminated look in your interiors by using a translucent stretch ceiling with an attractive backlight system. The major benefit of stretch ceiling lighting is that does not add glare to your interiors, because the sources of light are hidden behind the material and are distributed across a wide area. The backlight is medium or low and is mounted on modules or strips. It is a lower power method of illuminating a large area without consuming much power.

An illuminated stretch ceiling may be designed to create translucent images or personalized shapes. As compared to other light fixtures, this kind of illuminated ceiling gives a great impact on the overall look and design of the interiors. In order to bring attention to a specific object or area, you can make use of lamps or spotlights at certain places.

Here are a few tips that can help in the proper designing and installing of stretch ceiling lighting.

Barrisol stretch ceiling

The ceiling stretch should be translucent, so that light can be transmitted in a better way

Since the LED lights of a stretch ceiling are covered with some translucent material, you must give attention to the transmission of light. If it is a simple white color ceiling, then the rate of light transmission should be a minimum of 50%. However, if you have a printed ceiling with images, then avoid extremely absorbent colors, like dark grey and black. Try to use warm colors for the best results.

Choose proper distance between the stretch ceiling and the LED lights

The stretch ceiling lighting should have even illumination without any dark areas or hot spots. In fact, this kind of uniformity is the major attraction of this type of lighting style. This can be achieved only with the even distribution of LED lights behind the stretch material. Ideally, the distance between the translucent sheet and the LED lights should be 30 to 50 cm. If you keep a distance of less than 30 cm, you will have to install more lights to achieve a uniform look. This can have a great impact on your operating and installation costs.

Stretch Ceiling

The LED lights should release the correct amount of light and the number of lights should be chosen wisely

Stretch ceiling lighting is meant not only for decoration and illumination, but it can also be used for guiding people, expressing a design, or highlighting a certain object or area. So, the ambiance it creates should be general and even. For ambient light, you must choose 500-1000 lumens of light per sq. m. For general residential lighting purposes, choose 1000-2000 lumens of light per sq. m. For commercial spaces and offices, choose 2000-8000 lumens of light per sq. m.

The LED modules or strips used for backlighting should be easy on installation

Since many LED lights will need to be installed for your stretch ceiling lighting, make sure that they are easy and fast to install and they have a minimum of auxiliary components to deal with, including plugs, wires, transformers, and screws. If installation needs to be done in a large area, a rectangular or square module with a minimum of 25cm width will be suitable, as it will be easier to install as compared to strips.

While installing stretch ceiling lighting, make sure that the lights, modules and other components you choose are high in quality and are known for durability. Since they will be installed at a height, it will not be easy for you to fix every week. Also choose the colors according to your interior décor and the theme you want to create in the room. Use these tips to create an illuminated look you wish for your ceiling with the help of professionals

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