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Making a living with a travel blog is very compelling as long as you know how to do it. The Internet is a platform where it is possible to make a lot of money. For this, you need to be properly trained and most importantly know how to monetize a website.

Well in this article, I’m going to unveil the best ways to Start a Travel Blog and Make Money with it! Let’s go!

Why Start a Travel Blog?

I will give you some very catchy reasons on why to start a travel blog. Have a look!


There is no need to have technical knowledge! Just download WordPress from the site, it is easily installed.

A small update from time to time (which sometimes crashes with the theme but nothing serious, you have a backup), same for the theme.


Install WordPress it is done in 10 min. Download the right plugins you need? A few minutes! Configuring your theme, personalizing it with a logo, your slogan, your personality, writing a few quality articles without too many spelling mistakes to attract readers, what does it take? One afternoon taking a nap between 2 articles and it’s over, your travel blog is on the road to success!


Most of the tools are free! WordPress is free. Writing an article costs you only time and since you have a lot of it, it is all beneficial! So, if you had a question of How to become a travel blogger with no money, then I hope you got your answer.


Hundreds, thousands of bucks are waiting for you! Whether it’s in the form of discounts, free miles, free products, invitations, or hard cash (the most beautiful music in the world) you’re not just going to earn extra income, you are going to quickly earn enough to live your life peacefully from your travel blog and make those around you envy!

 Internet Research How to Start a Travel Blog Online

Having and maintaining a blog, in any field, takes time and a lot of commitment. Starting a travel blog (or not) is like having a small business online. I mean to say, you have to work a lot to get results. I will tell you How to create a travel blog.

You have to work on your blog, visitors don’t come by magic and you have to use several tips to have an audience. However, if you are aware of the work involved upstream, then yes, anything is possible! So, yes, you can have a blog that pays off. It is a certainty, my friends.

Is it the same for the travel blog? Yes. If you follow the right methods and work on it, there is no reason that you cannot make income from it.

 Start a Travel Blog with 5 Easy Steps

Here are five simple steps. Let’s get started:

 Choose a micro-niche (spiritual, travel with pets)

This is a step that is very often omitted by most of the articles that help you create your blog (travel or not, for that matter). In my opinion, defining your starting niche is essential.

It can be a country, a mode of travel, a subject in particular. It doesn’t mean that you will be doomed to write articles only on this topic throughout your life as a blogger but for any professional blogger, defining your positioning is one of the keys to stand out from the crowd.

Choose a Perfect Domain name for your  travel Blog

Choosing your domain name is an important step in creating a blog. Really important, because it is a decision that will probably follow you for the life of your blog! In simple words, your domain name is the address where people can access your blog.

It absolutely must be Relevant, Not already in use by another site, Easy to remember and Easily Pronounceable, by everyone. Last thing, but not least: choose your extension wisely.

Buy Best Hosting for your Successful Travel Blog

Choosing the right host is a crucial step in the creation of your blog. As in all areas, there are good and bad hosts. The quality of a host depends on the speed of its servers, the quality of its customer service and the options offered such as automatic backups.

Most inexpensive web hosts try to keep their costs as low as possible and make concessions on the number of users per server: Are you wondering about the consequences?

It’s very simple: the resources that are allocated to your blog are therefore shared with too many people. And you can imagine, this can have quite dramatic consequences on your blog. So, choose your Host wisely.

You can checkout latest web hosting deals, you will get unlimited hosting resources at just $1.25/ per month with FREE SEO worth $100 for your travel website.

Setup your Perfect Travel Blog on WordPress

WordPress is the best platform to set up your travel blog. This name perfectly answers the question “how to start a travel blog“. WordPress is free software and it is the most used blog engine (or CMS) in the world.

Once properly installed, its daily use is within everyone’s reach. However, you have to configure it properly, which is not necessarily easy for beginners.

Cost: Downloading WP is free! With one click! What else do you need?

How does Travel Blog make Money?

And now we come to the part that interests everyone, How does a travel blog make money? There are tons of ways to make money with a travel blog and none of them assumes that I need to have certain longevity of travel blogging service or have a minimum number of monthly visitors.

  1. Adsense: Adsense is the gold rush, you just have to stoop to pick up big, big checks from Google! want to know how? Read… AdSense is a banner advertising service offered by Google. Moreover, with AdSense you can place advertisements on your website, earning based on the number of exposures of the advertisement or clicks on the ads. With Adsense, more site traffic means (almost always) more money.
  2. Affiliations: Affiliate marketing allows you to earn a commission by promoting others’ products, without there being a surcharge for the final buyer. Always promote products that you use first, which can be of support to your readers in case of need.
  3. Digital Products: In addition to promoting other people’s products, you can create your own digital product. A course, a guide, a consultation, the important thing is to solve a problem or a need of a user with valuable content and for which your reader is willing to pay.
  4. Sponsored Articles: It’s advertising but in an article in short. A little effort but for a minimum remuneration of 4 figures per article. So obviously, it is well worth the 30 minutes of work that it gave you! Additionally, for the remuneration of this type, it is also necessary to have a lot of readers.
  5. Social Media: Social media are an incredible way of helping to build a community and make money, connect with colleagues and like-minded people On Facebook and Instagram and be able to share your adventures and earn some extra bucks.

 How to get Traffic on your Travel Blog

Here are some ways that will help you out to build a huge audience to your travel blog.

 1- Offer quality content

To gain traffic, you need to provide quality articles, that is, articles that add value to your readers. A reader who appreciates an article will be much more interested in sharing your content than a reader who finds your article uninteresting. So make sure to thrill the crowds.

2 – Share your content on social networks

Do you know what a “viral” article is? This term is used to refer to articles that are shared by the mass on social networks. This is usually content that creates a buzz. If you want to give it a try, you can for example challenge yourself and share it on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc. or try to create a buzz with a “shock” title.

3 – Retain your audience

The building loyalty of your audience can boost blog traffic because you will get regular visits. These are important for your statistics, your authority, and also for Google, which will see that your site pleases the audience.  Create a real bond with your readers, show them that they can trust you and relate to you.

4 – Be regular in the Posting Content

It is often difficult for new bloggers to successfully post quality content on a regular basis, it will come with time and practice. The more you write, the faster you will succeed! The questions of your visitors and their comments will gradually allow you to find new ideas for topics to discuss, you will then only have to answer their questions in the form of articles.

5 – Find potential readers

Far too many bloggers have the wrong targets: do not advertise your travel blog on a Facebook group dedicated to silk painting! Be logical and target an audience that will benefit from visiting your blog. For example, if you have a travel blog, share your articles on groups of globetrotters, couples, solo travelers, family, etc.

6 – Work on SEO to boost blog traffic

Impossible to miss SEO (searching engine optimization) if you are a blogger. To appear naturally in the first results of Google, you must absolutely work on your natural referencing (SEO), in other words, you must insert the right tags HTML, find good length titles and insert lots of keywords in your articles.


So, this was a small effort to help you start a travel blog. You can use the tips and tricks to make a successful travel blog which makes a huge sum of money. Worried about TravelBloggers salary? Chill, Travel bloggers earn a lot. You could be next. Happy Blogging!

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