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easter flowers

People celebrate Easter by exchanging gifts and pleasantries. It is fun shopping for gifts. It’s even more enjoyable when you are buying gifts for a spiritual person. There are plenty of gifts you can buy to accompany Easter flowers. Let’s check some spiritual items that qualify as gifts.

Bible Verse Drinkware

Drinkware is the easiest gift item you can ever give to someone. Everyone needs them for various reasons—some people like taking water a lot, others like taking coffee after every few hours. Thus, you can buy mugs, water bottles, tumblers, and classy cups. You can make them Christian-themed by customizing. Select relevant bible verses and messages to print on the drinkware.

Bible Verse Bracelet

Anyone can wear bracelets. They are also affordable, so you can afford to buy one for each family member or a group of friends. Print different Bible verses on each bracelet. Give the bracelets to recipients depending on the message they can use as inspiration.

‘God be my Guide’ Compass

Believers have faith that God guides them in every situation. Thus, you can give them a compass with a ‘God be my guide’ compass. They may not need it every day, but it acts as a daily reminder that God will guide their steps.

Bells, Beads, and Crosses Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are therapeutic. Their gentle rhythms help to calm the mind. However, many people do not find chimes that would rhyme with their beliefs. They pick them for decorative purposes. So, when you are shopping for Easter flowers, you can add a set of Christian-themed chimes. A good set would include bells, beads, and crosses.

A Prayer Bowl

Many Christians like to make private prayers. Sometimes it is their petition or petition for others. They also say secret prayers to thank God for various things. They can use a prayer bowl to keep the writings of the petitions. If they want the total privacy of their prayer items, they can burn the cards in the prayer bowl after their partitions are answered.

Personalized Bible Cover

Every Bible needs a good Bible cover. A leather cover keeps the Bible in good condition. You can send a Bible cover aloof with Easter flowers. And did you know you can use the Bible cover as a flower holder? Place a few flowers stems in the bible cover. Close the zipper and leave the upper side where flowers are protruding.

A Doormat

Do you know a devout Christian? They love spreading the gospel from their deeds, what they wear, and even in their homes. A Christian message doormat is an excellent gift. It enables them to spread the gospel effortlessly.

Inspirational Throw Blanket

People use a throw blanket when they feel cold. Some people cover themselves when they feel lonely or in fear. You can use this loophole to send inspirational messages. There are plenty of religious throw pillows with messages of hope. They also come in various colors to cover both genders.

 Bible Verse Art

When you were reading bible verses as a child, you could visualize the message. Artists brought back childhood information in the form of art. You can get plenty of Bible verses with a backdrop of its illustration.

Custom Leather Journal

Just like normal life, you should keep a journal of your Christian life. A customized journal will help keep a record of all the hurdles and blessings you encounter every day. Give out custom leather journals Each Easter. It helps one to remain grateful for everything that happens in their life.

Stone Rosaries

Easter is celebrated more by the Catholics than any other denomination. Thus, you are likely to have a catholic friend. They would appreciate a rosary gift due to their devotion to mother Mary. A stone rosary makes excellent gift items—stone rosaries and durable and unique. You will not miss blessings in their daily devotions.

Inspirational Words River Stones

When David was preparing to fight with Goliath, he collected some river stones. With faith and courage, he went to the battlefield to confront his opponent. He knew he was too small for the giant. However, that did not stop him from facing his challenge. In the real world, we face very many challenges. A good Christian knows that God will fight their battles. Sending inspirational river stones is just a symbolism that God will fight your battles. Thus, they make perfect Easter gifts.


Bibles and spiritual books are timeless spiritual gift items. They surpass any other spiritual gift, including Easter flowers. There are several versions of the Bible, depending on the publisher. Thus, you can check the version that the recipient doesn’t have.

Year of Wishes Candles

Some Christians use candles during their daily prayers. Christian gift shops saw the need to introduce monthly wishes candles. Thus, you will buy a set of dozen candles when you want to send a Year of wishes candles. They all have different scents and messages attached to them.

Peaceful Piggy Meditation

Meditation is one way a Christian calms their mind and counts blessings. You can but then a peaceful piggy meditation to use during their session. The book has different chapters with mediation guides. They would appreciate receiving the wonderful gift.

Psalms in color- Coloring Book

There are times you get so tired, reading plain texts becomes a problem. You would appreciate an exciting piece of art to keep your spirit nourished. A Psalm in color. You- coloring books can keep you nourished in the toughest of times.

The book is excellent for pre-teens and teens. It makes their Bible study interesting. They will learn to read the Bible more often as there is a fun activity involved.

Christian Plague

People are choosing rustic pieces of art for their home decor. You can choose a Christian plaque for your wall. It contains different bible verses sending one message. They exist in different designs. You won’t be disappointed to choose a Christian rustic design home decor.


Easter flowers are great gifts to offer on the Easter holidays. But it’s always wise to add a keepsake gift. There are plenty of religious gifts. Since Easter is a Christian celebration, we compiled a list of Christian Items. However, you can explore other items from various religions for open-minded Christians.

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