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shooting range bag

As hunting season gets closer and closer, one of the most important things you can do is practice shooting. Considering you often only get one shot during an entire season of hunting to take down a deer, elk, or other animals you are after, you need to be confident in your shooting abilities.

This means spending the summer hitting the shooting range as often as possible. But since you are busy, it helps to have your shooting range bag ready to go every single day.

If you have to scramble to find your gear every time you want to go to the range, you’ll often just stay home. But if you keep everything in one bag, you’ll be able to hit the range multiple times per week.

So how do you set up a range bag, and which shooting range accessories should it be equipped with? Keep reading our shooting range checklist to find out now.

Type of Shooting Range Bag

There are many different types of bags you can use as a range bag. Obviously, a bag specifically made to function as a range bag will be the most convenient, but also the most expensive.

It will give you a separate compartment to store your pistol, while also giving you plenty of pockets to keep all your other gear and ammo organized.

If you don’t want to splurge on a range-specific bag yet, a laptop bag or backpack will do fine. If you are bringing your pistol to the range, having a large flat compartment, like in a laptop bag, is really nice.

If you opt for a backpack, choose one with plenty of compartments. One large compartment is a sure-fire way to lose or break your gear.

When it comes down to it, the best range bag is the one that is actually stocked up at all times. Here’s what to pack up.

What to Stock In Your Range Bag

Aside from your firearm, you’ll want enough shooting range ammo in order to have a full-range session, as the range might not have any in stock. Bring extra magazines as well, for fast and efficient practice.

Of course, you can’t even enter a range without eye and ear protection, so make sure to pack those. And even though shooting ranges have emergency medical supplies on hand, it’s always important to have a first aid kit that has supplies to treat gun injuries, which includes a fast-application tourniquet.

Keep a small firearm cleaning kit in your bag, as well as a bottle of gun lube and a clean towel to wipe off dust and grease after a session. Bring tools for installing or removing scopes and other accessories.

Keep gloves in your pack as well. If you plan to hunt this season, you want to practice shooting in whatever gear you expect to wear while in the woods.

And if you are a beginner, don’t be afraid to ask others at the range what they stock in your kit. Most people are happy to help out new shooters. You can also check out these shooting range tips to be smart and feel confident next time you head to the range for a practice session.

Hunting Success Starts at the Range

Taking a few minutes to pack up a shooting range bag will ensure you get to the range as often as you’d like. Without a bag that is ready to go, any minor inconvenience is likely to derail your practice sessions. But if you want to fill your freezer this year, it all starts at the range.

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