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father's day flowers

Coronavirus has disrupted florists’ businesses. It’s harder to receive customers physically and virtually. But as problems pile up, wise entrepreneurs must find a way around them. Flower deliveries in Cyprus ensure that you will receive your bouquet fresh and safely. They have put up measures to get your Father’s Day flowers without the risks of infection.

What you need to do is to ensure you place your orders early. Flower deliveries Cyprus will pack and deliver your flowers within a reasonable timeline. Also, they ensure that the flowers and packaging are sterilized. The delivery staff handles all the packages with integrity. They also ensure that all clients’ packages are not exposed to germs and viruses. 

Tips for Father’s Day Flower Deliveries

There’re a few tips to follow to ensure you get your package during the covid-19 pandemic. Here’s what you should keep in mind:

Place Orders Early

When everything was okay, some buyers could place orders the same day and get deliveries. Others would order a day before. It was a sure way to ensure they received fresh flowers. However, Covid-19 brought some confusion in all industries. Flower deliveries Cyprus has to work with limited staff. Thus, we need more time to package and deliver all orders. 

Placing your orders early enough ensures we do not mix up orders while in a rush. Also, we can source the flowers we may lack from other florists. 

Placing orders early enough puts you on a higher chance of getting what you want. Flower deliveries Cyprus prioritizes orders based on the time they were placed. 

Have Flexible Delivery Dates

We know Father’s day is a one-day event. But that should not stop you from sending your dad some father’s day flower any day before or after. Thys, you should have flexible delivery dates. It ensures that we source the best quality flowers for all our clients. 

One thing that is affecting deliveries is reduced staff or work hours. Thus, the orders are spread apart to give time for the staff to rest. You can provide a three or four days variance. Flower deliveries Cyprus will try to get your order at the earliest. 

Be Open to Substitutions

Covid-19 led to a drop in flower farming. Also, it is harder to import flowers as it was before. Thus, flower deliveries in Cyprus are only dealing with the available sources of fresh flowers. Hence, it would help if you understood when your florist offers you a substitute for the flowers you want. Right now, it’s harder to customize a bouquet as it was two years ago. However, flower deliveries in Cyprus are working hard to ensure they meet your expectations. 


Several florists are offering flower deliveries in Cyprus. As a buyer, you should research the florists near you. Check the quality and the variety of flowers they offer. Also, it would help if you compared the charges of each florist. Finally, select the florist that you feel will meet your needs at a reasonable budget.

The best way to research should include looking for online reviews. It would help if you also asked your friends and family about their experience with various florists. It’d help if you also asked how they handle any mistakes and mishaps. 

Each florist is an expert in some types of flowers. Check for the ones which are best at Mother’s and Father’s day flowers. You will likely get the best deals if you deal with an expert in what you are looking for. Also, some florists deal with rare flowers while others deal with standard flowers. You will address your needs only when you research the florists within your vicinity. 

Adding a Gift to the Flower Package

It was easier to add a gift to a flower package before Covid-19 hit the world. Nowadays, there are plenty of restrictions that limit movement. Instead of taking the gift to the florist, you can order from an online store and have the gift delivered to the florist. Ensure you have included all the details on the gift item. Also, notify your florist about the gift so that you don’t surprise them.

As you see, despite the hardship that comes with a pandemic, there’s always a way around them. Thus, your father will receive the flowers and the gifts as one package. 

The process requires consistent communication. Delivery services are overwhelmed by the orders they receive. Thus, you should give detailed instructions to avoid any mixup. 

Below are examples of flowers you can send to your father through flower deliveries in Cyprus. 

Sunset Bouquet

Magenta Sunset Bouquet designed by Karin's Florist - Same day delivery

The sunset orange and beautiful- so is this bouquet of orange roses. They are graceful and the perfect gift for any male figure. But, of course, your dad would be glad you got him this stunning bouquet. 

Blue Blooms

Orchids are considered feminine flowers. However, when you select the right color, you can gift them to a special man in your life. Blue blooms are bold and stunning. Their setting is sweet, and anyone would want to have them. They are among the best father’s day flowers you can ever get. 

Peaceful Flowers

The pandemic has brought forth a lot of life disruption; So many people are craving peace. You can make a father’s day better by sending them some peaceful flowers. White tulips play the role so well. They are soft and simple. Also, their presentation is superb.

Honey Bee Sunflower Bouquet

Sunflowers are the ultimate father’s day flowers; They are bright and showy. Fathers love them because they depict masculinity. In addition, the yellow color is neutral. Thus, even the conservative fathers will appreciate them.

Red Rose Bouquet

Red roses are beautiful and bold. They are a perfect gift for any father on their special day. Flower deliveries Cyprus would be honored to spread the son’s/daugter’s love straight to their father’s heart. 

Monstera Plant

Father’s love plants. They would love to have something they would care for several weeks to months. That way, they will grow some attachment with the flowering plant. Monstera is a beautiful green plant every father would enjoy having. 

Bold Pink Calla Lily Plant

Menlove pink too. Ignore the narrative that pink is for girls. This beautiful pink calla lily plant will brighten your dad’s day. 


Flower deliveries in Cyprus are tasked to make your special days a success. Father’s day flowers are ready, and you can place your orders. Ensure you are flexible with deliveries and flower choices. Leave the rest for the florist to package and deliver the flowers and gifts. 

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