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selling hand painted tshirts

These days, there’s a trend of customized shirts going on and no one can resist the glamor in them. Everyone is getting attracted to this trend, including me, because we love to look attractive, don’t we all? Now, we’ve quite gotten rid of the trend of buying normal t-shirts for casual wear. We are now more likely to get the special ones that we want. This is why we always love it when we see the word “custom” anywhere. Every customer wants to get everything of his or her own choice and this is what makes that product special.

It doesn’t matter if you want to make these custom t-shirts only for yourself or you want to start a business out of them. You can do whatever you want. Though I’m going to tell you how you can make custom hand-printed t-shirts and sell them. Trust me, this idea is pretty unique and not a common one like every other brand is doing. This uniqueness will get you lots of exposure and attention for sure.

1.  Get The Things Ready

Let’s come to the first step that is “the production of t-shirts”. You have to get the t-shirts ready first. For them, make sure that you survey the market thoroughly finding the plain t-shirt vendors. See what quality you’re getting at what price and get the best one under your budget. You might get a set of 4-5 t-shirts at wholesale price and of course, you have to decide which investment is better for you financially and according to the plan.

Painting The Shirt

Once you have your shirts in hand, you now need to do the painting. For that, you must decide which design you want to paint on your t-shirt. Get that design printed because painting it on your t-shirt by taking guidance from the print-out is much better than from the screen. Then you need some paint markers because they are compatible with any surface including fabric. The best thing about them is that they cannot be washed away – they are THAT permanent. By the use of these paint markers and your own drawing and painting skills, just start painting the whole thing. Make sure that you put a cardboard in the t-shirt before painting it so the ink doesn’t get printed on the back of the shirt. Once you’re done painting, let it air dry by making sure the print doesn’t get touched anywhere else.

2.  Making A Facebook Page For Customers

Making A Facebook Page For Customers

If you just want to make the shirts and use them all by yourself, then just skip the rest of the article. BUT if you want to make money out of this, then keep reading because I’m gonna tell you how you can start and manage your own hand-printed t-shirt business. For this, the first thing that you wanna do is make a Facebook page, Instagram profile, or both. Set the whole page up with the right content. Once your t-shirts (to sell) are ready, get nice photography done of your t-shirts. Make nice artworks of them and upload them to your Facebook page. Start by letting your own community know about your business by sharing the page to them. Ask them to ask their friends to visit your page. This will increase some traffic and maybe 1 out of 10 visitors actually become your first customer.

3.  Advertise There

If you have the budget to advertise your business, then Facebook ads are a great way to increase your social presence. You can target the audience of your choice and set up the budget that you want to spend. The ads will surely get you lots of exposure and your t-shirt business will soon start to get queries and orders. The more budget you spend, the more reach and impressions you will get. More impressions means more chances of clicks and conversions. I don’t think you can get a better advertising opportunity than this.

4.  Offer Discounts

When you’ve just started a business, you can’t expect your customers to spend a lot on your products. They won’t buy until they get offered something very interesting like a “buy 1 get 1 free” offer or a money-back guarantee. This is why it’s best that you show that your t-shirts are on promotion. It’s up to you which offer you want to give to your customers. Make sure it’s attractive and doesn’t cost you more than you’d spent on your products and marketing. Present your t-shirts to your audience in the most unique way possible so they could have more reasons to buy from you.

5.  Prepare The Packaging

Let’s say that your customer has ordered a t-shirt from you, how are you going to deliver it? Make sure that even during the delivery, you do everything to entertain your customer. The impression on them must be really good and that’s why the delivery guy must be super well dressed and look clean. Plus, the t-shirt must be packed very well in a nice packaging like tuck packaging boxes or any other that you’d like. Basically, what you’ll need is to contact Dawn Printing because that’s the company that will provide you with high-quality tuck packaging boxes at jaw-dropping prices. Design them according to your brand and your customers will be more than amazed to be served by your brand.

6.  Do The Accounting

You should get this part done the proper way. People often do make this mistake of ignoring the details of sales and expenditures. Make sure that you set the prices of your t-shirts properly so there’s no problem related to the cost of your t-shirts and the set up price of them. Monitor every transaction properly and you’ll see how amazing your business will go.

The Bottom Line

Some businesses are extremely fun to operate because of their type. Hand-painted t-shirt business is one of them and I’m sure you’re going to love it. But make sure that you’re careful enough to go along because in business, there’s no tolerance of even a few cents. Send irresistible offers to your audience to build their interest so they could be convinced enough to make purchases. How do you like the idea? Let me know if you have something super beneficial to do in this business that I didn’t mention.

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