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saree accessorise

Draping your saree in a super stunning and stylish way will help you slay your saree look. Apart from draping it in a unique way, you also need to accessorise it well to get a fashionista look. The attire is just too adoring and is perfect for every occasion. Trying something stylish and unique with it will glam up the look. To give your saree a more dignified look you can pair some amazing accessories with it. Here are some of the accessories that will help you get a super gorgeous look and final touch up.

If we talk about saree then it is one of the most stunning and loved attire throughout the globe. It has been worn by women since prehistoric times. Every Indian state has its own way of draping the saree that is worn at auspicious functions and festivals. The outfit is made from a variety of fabrics and embroidery work that can be chosen as per the type of occasion that you are going to attend. The outfit is also worn on a regular basis and for that lightweight fabrics such as cotton, linen, and georgette are the most preferred ones.

Wearing a saree and not adding accessories to it is just impossible. So check out some of the super fun ways to accessorise your saree in a glamorous way.

1. Belt on Saree

Belt on Saree

Adding a belt to your saree is a perfect choice to get a chic look. It can be a metallic belt, a floral belt, or a Kamar bandh. Choose a contrast one so that it can make the ethnic look more attractive. A thin chain or a layer Kamar bandh looks awesome with silk sarees. For georgette, cotton, and chiffon sarees metallic belts are more favorable. When you are choosing to add a belt to your saree then make sure that you drape the saree in a pleated pattern. The pleated pallu makes the belt look more interesting.

2. Clutch or Potli with Saree

Clutch or Potli with Saree

An embroidered clutch or potli added to your attire completes the overall look. As you do not have pockets in the saree they help you to keep your personal items with you every time. Along with it they also provide you a graceful look. They are decorated with beautiful stones and crystals in different shapes and colors to give the accessory an amazing look. They are available in different shapes with hanging chains. Some of the common shapes are round, rectangle and semicircle. Carrying them with a heavy saree will give you an exemplary look.

3. Jacket on Saree

Jacket on Saree

Make the attire look more graceful by wearing a jacket above it. A matching jacket paired with the saree definitely gives you a fashionista look. The jacket or a beautiful net cape paired with the attire make sit look super adoring. It is detailed with some beautiful embellishments that give it a drastic look. One side of the jacket is above the saree and the other side is below the pallu. It has a tie-up in front that helps to get a proper fitting. If you are choosing a cape then it is worn above the saree giving it a flary look.

4. Brooches


Some beautiful brooches are also used to increase the beauty of your saree look. Adding them to your plain saree will give you a glamorous look. It can be a small floral brooch or may be decorated with some colorful stores and diamonds. There are some beautiful ones having pearl chains that cover the whole front pallu giving the wearer a glamorous look. A plain saree and a floral brooch make a perfect combination. Blouses in a simple pattern and attractive sleeves will give you an elegant and sober look.

5. Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories

There are a number of hair accessories that can be paired with the saree. Colorful hairpins, gajra, simple maang tikka, chain maang tikka covering the forehead and some other stunning accessories are the prettiest ones. Adding some beads or small pins to your long french braid makes you look more effective. You can get a dazzling appearance by pairing a bold and beautiful diamond maang tikka with the attire.

The accessories are not only limited to this rather there are much more interesting and lovely jewelry that is paired with the outfit for a gleaming appeal.

Every woman loves to shop for beautiful attire but sometimes she does not have enough time to roam in the market and get what she wants. It is even possible that you do not get your desired outfit at shops. Therefore nowadays a better way to shop for your favorite attire is to get it online. You get beautiful sarees online in the latest and trending patterns with thousands of varieties and color choices. The web stores also facilitate you with cash on delivery and online payment modes so that you can easily get wholesale sarees online with cash on delivery option.

A saree can be paired with different types of blouses that can be plain, printed or embroidered. A plain chiffon saree paired with a designer blouse having beautiful zari work or thread embroidery makes an exclusive combination. Or pairing a pastel saree with a floral print blouse and draping it in the basic nivi style with open pallu is also a great match. The heavily embellished sarees and silk sarees look more dignified when paired with a matching blouse and traditional accessories. Different types of the neckline and some amazing sleeves patterns make the outfit look more complimenting. For a modish and trendy look pairing it with a shirt and long jacket style blouse are also on top priorities nowadays.

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