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rovinj croatia travel guide

In the event that you need to see one of the most delightful urban communities on the Adriatic, you should go to Rovinj, Croatia. Rovinj (articulated ro-VEEN) is an amazement to a great many people who visit it.

Without a doubt, this is actually Croatia — yet Rovinj appears as though it very well may be in Italy! Practically like an augmentation of Venice! And keeping in mind that Dubrovnik gets all the wonder, I imagine that Rovinj is considerably more excellent.

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Rovinj is situated in Croatia’s Istrian locale, a heart-molded landmass that looks and closely resembles Italy, its inheritance as a component of the Venetian realm. It’s not simply the olive trees, pasta dishes and pastel structures — even the spots have Italian names. (Rovinj’s Italian name is Rovigno.)

Rovinj is a supernatural city — however, like wherever else in Croatia, you’ll make some better memories on the off chance that you plan your outing cautiously ahead of time. That is the purpose of this Rovinj travel manager: to tell you the best way to design an outing to Rovinj so you can unwind and zero in on being captivated upon appearance.

Why Travel to Rovinj, Croatia?

Why travel to Rovinj when you can go anyplace else in Croatia — or in Europe? I’ve voyaged broadly in Croatia, including two entire long stretches of Croatian travel in summer 2020, and Rovinj is one of my #1 objection in the nation. A portion of its characteristics set it apart.

Rovinj is an extraordinary objective for photography. Simply see that picture above! It’s straight out of a fantasy! The tones are natural and energetic, and there are bunches of fascinating subtleties to shoot with regards to the old town.

Rovinj is a fantastic base for travel. The Istrian promontory is little enough that you can go for all intents and purposes anyplace in Istria inside an hour and a half, making it conceivable to see cool spots and not change inns every day.

Rovinj is one of the better culinary objections in Croatia. While a large portion of the Dalmatian Coast will in general serve a similar menu again and again, in Rovinj you approach magnificent truffles, olive oil and wine, and innovative cafés like Cap Aureo.

In case you’re a dusk addict, Rovinj is an awesome objective. The shape and bend of the city on the west coast implies that you can get phenomenal nightfall photographs from bunches of various points.

Best Things to Do in Rovinj

Rovinj is a little city, thus a large number of its delights come from carelessly strolling through its roads. Many individuals are glad to just unwind in Rovinj, however in case you’re searching for additional exercises, there are a great deal of intriguing activities.

Investigate the Old Town of Rovinj

You need to get out and investigate the old town! This vehicle free old town is an incredible spot in which to get lost. On the central avenues, you’ll discover heaps of little shops selling neighborhood workmanship and items like olive oil and truffles. There are so many concealed niches and crevices to photo.

You’ll need to wear fair shoes, as you’ll be strolling up steep slopes, climbing bunches of steps, and a significant number of the cobblestones are smooth to the point of being dangerous. This isn’t the spot for stilettos! On the off chance that you have the correct footwear and endurance, it’s an incredible method to go through a morning.

Rovinj Beaches

Is Rovinj a seashore objective? Truly, I wouldn’t consider it a seashore objective. The city seashores aren’t close to as great as Dubrovnik’s; you need to move away from the city to locate the most delightful seashores.

In any case, you will locate some pleasant sections of rocks on the edge of the old city. If it’s all the same to you hanging out on a hard segment of rock, they make a staggering spot to sun yourself for a couple of hours. Else, they’re pleasant for a snappy plunge.

Investigate the Lim Fjord

Lim Fjord, or Channel, is one of the famous road trips by boat from Rovinj. This normal channel, an indented ravine, when filled in as a divider between the districts of Dalmatia and Italia in Roman occasions. The channel is loaded up with natural aquifers and pulls in an assorted exhibit of untamed life, including heaps of delightful fish and shellfish.

Taste dusk mixed drinks at Valentino

Along the waterfront in Rovinj, there are endless bars and cafés where you can drop in for a beverage and a perspective on nightfall. The majority of them are pretty standard spots to get a gin and tonic — or a glass of Malvasia, an Istrian white wine.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need something more unique, go to Valentino. This bar is on the edge of the ocean and cut into the regular rocks. With a view confronting toward the west, you have an ideal perspective on the nightfall!

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