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As the latest information from the US FDA, the virus is not spread through food and water but, the virus has the tendency to survive on the surface for weeks or more. This creates the scenario of the importance of practicing best manufacturing practices while maintaining hygiene in day to day activities.

Food deliveries are no different from any other supply chain. Whether it’s McDonald’s and Pizza Hut or Zomato or Swiggy.

All they see is the opportunities to expand and upgrade the network of their delivery mechanism. From government policies to local restriction, food industries saw their major decline amid the pandemic. Though some emerge out of it.

On-Demand Food Delivery

Impacts Of Covid-19 On The Food Industry

Food as being essential for survival. Its supply shouldn’t be disrupted.  The only success mantra to wave through a pandemic is to change with time, this is the right time to adapt manufacturing, processing and supply chain with the technology. The moment people stop Visiting the restaurant for personal safety or because of safety regulations they were been shut. Websites and App market emerges out of it. Let’s discuss some of the most essential steps emerging food industries should take to emerge as victors. One of the first is the correct food inventory, as more people shift towards healthy food, the demand for vegetables and fruits rise up as compared to meat and seafood. The correct inventory might be the first step towards success.

The second major change is to change the target audience. Since the pandemic home becomes the workplace new company should target that work at home people as they now couldn’t be able to go out and eat. The third step is cleanliness and hygiene. From Body temperature of the food delivering rider to mandatory mask and glows this sure adapts to change. The fourth and last is targeting mobile, yes with the rise of mobile selling amid pandemic new and emerging players in the market should target food deliveries with the mobile application. There are a lot of ready-to-run mobile app providers in the IT industry one should make sure to choose as per the need.

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