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Coffee is an art, and proof of this is that, in recent years, a career dedicated especially to teaching people about it has emerged: barista. Baristas know in depth the types of coffee, the best methods to prepare it, and know how to identify a quality bean above the rest.

Do you want to know in-depth the complex world of the barista?

Today we are going to teach you how to make good coffee in a bar coffee maker. If you have the opportunity to work in a bar or restaurant and you want to know what the steps are for preparing a good cup of coffee, read on.

The first thing you should do is get to know the coffee closely, its smell, and its consistency, and later, put effort into the handling of the coffee machines that you have in your new job. Cafes, bars, and restaurants, in general, tend to opt for semi-automatic machines in order to have much better control of the coffee flavor.

Learning how to make good coffee will take practice time and lots of tastings and comparisons. However, with the help of these simple tips and steps on the process of selecting, preparing, and presenting a cup of coffee, you will be able to excel in your role as a beginning barista.

Remember that you have to carefully study the coffee offers offered by the bar, master their preparation, and give them a different and innovative touch so that customers prefer it over the rest of the local competition.

Tricks on How to Make a Good Coffee in a Bar Coffee Maker

If you are wondering how to make good coffee, you are in the right place. A cup of coffee must have the ability to generate emotions and satisfaction in diners since it is positioned as the second most commercialized product in the world after oil.

This means that there are millions of places that offer it in hundreds of attractive presentations, so if you want to hook your customers, you must make a difference and make the best coffee possible.

There are a number of basic points to consider so that this process, in the bar machine, has a satisfactory result and the taste of the drink is the desired one. Some points may get out of the employee’s control; however, knowing them means that we can explain our opinion to the owners of the premises and that they take it into account.

Brewing coffee

Good Quality Coffee

Getting the best coffee beans is the first step so that the final product is the desired one. Acquiring fresh beans, in season, with a good harvest and very aromatic is the key to success since selecting the correct bean makes the difference between a mediocre bar and a high-level one.


When you already have a good coffee in your hands, the next thing is to grind it; you must do it carefully, because it is done only a few moments before preparing the coffee. Roasted beans retain their properties for long periods, but when they are ground and stored, they lose their flavor.

This is one of the keys to how to make good coffee in a bar coffee maker; According to various professional baristas, the time to grind should not exceed 30 seconds for every 20 milliliters of coffee.


Bars usually have semi-automatic machines for preparing coffee because they have the capacity to give several cups at the same time. In them, the compression of the coffee, the water pressure, the coffee delivery time, the vaporization of the milk and the amount of water to be used are controlled manually.

For this reason, all the steps and buttons of the coffee machine must be known to give it the correct use and make the best possible coffee.

Bar Coffee Maker

Patient and careful process

The average preparation time is simple: the temperature of the water should not exceed 90 degrees, the boiler must have one bar maximum pressure, while the pressure pump should be 8 to 10 bars. For a cup of coffee, you should use about 8 grams and leave it well pressed in the machine.

How to make a good coffee in a bar coffee maker? Simple: it must be filled with water, up to half its capacity at most, and it is recommended that the water used to be purified. Using tap water affects the taste and consistency of the final product.

Following the preparation steps carefully is very important so that the coffee comes out strong. Depending on the type you are preparing, you have to watch the degrees of intensity with which it will come out, since rushing the process damages the drink.

Heat the mug

One key to maintaining the temperature of the coffee is to heat the cup; Barista professionals use this trick so that the drink arrives hot, but without causing damage, to the diner.

The way to do this is to preheat the cup and then serve the coffee fresh from the coffee maker. In this way, the flavors will intensify and undoubtedly increase all the properties of the coffee.

A Good Coffee Maker Makes a Difference

When you are clear about how to make a good coffee, the next step is to get the perfect machine; At EspressoRivo we have a special offer of automatic, semi-automatic, industrial and domestic coffee machines, unique for the season.

You can select the best and most recognized brands for unique prices and start your way in the barista or equip the kitchen of your restaurant or bar.


We have advisers prepared to give you all the purchasing advice you need and, thus, make the most of the space available in your establishment.

Take advantage of all the tips on how to make good coffee in a bar coffee maker and start marking the coffee innovations in your restaurant. Keep in mind that investing in coffee always pays off, as people of all ages and nationalities seek it to relax, or simply taste it.

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