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renting condo in singapore

Buying a property in Singapore is expensive especially if you want to buy a condominium unit. That is why many prefer to look for condo for rent Singapore options. Renting a condominium unit is not only less expensive but also very beneficial. Tenants can live comfortably without having to worry much of the cost of buying a property in Singapore.

Finding a whole unit for rent in Singapore is not a difficult task. That is especially the case if you know what you want. It is easy to look for condominium rental options. The only challenging part is choosing which unit you will rent. That is why it is vital that tenants ask these three questions before renting a condominium in Singapore.

Question #1 – How much are you willing to spend?

Anyone would love to live in a spacious condo for rent Singapore unit that has a great view of the city. However, you need to ask yourself if you can afford the rent. How much are you willing to spend on condominium rent? It is best that you check your monthly income and expenses to determine the amount that you can allot for renting. In addition, being able to decide on the rent budget can also help you narrow down your renting options. Having a specific rent budget will save you a lot of time on the search process.

Aside from rent costs, you should also include the other fees that come along in living in a whole unit for rent in Singapore. That includes the monthly utility bills and maintenance costs. These recurring costs alone will require a good portion of your budget. Moreover, the rent deposit requirement is also an essential amount that you should be able to produce upfront. If there is a rental agent involved, you may be required to pay the agent’s fee. You should clarify with the landlord if you will be expected to pay the rental agent’s commission. Thus, you will not have any surprise costs.

Question #2 – How convenient is the location of the condo for rent Singapore development?

Many prefer to live far from the Central Business District because rent is expensive in that area. However, it is pointless to live in a whole unit for rent in Singapore at the outskirts if your work is located in the Business District. There might be MRT stations and major expressways close by the condominium. However, getting stuck in a traffic jam is still common in Singapore. This can be very troublesome if you live far from work.

Aside from that, you should verify what facilities are available in the condominium. Most of them will have swimming pools, sports facilities, and spas. You should definitely make use of these facilities especially if you are the one who will cover the maintenance fees. Furthermore, you should check out the facilities and amenities nearby. Are there grocery stores or malls close by? Are the schooling options for your kids? It is important to make sure that the necessary amenities are near the whole unit for rent in Singapore before you sign the agreement.

Question #3 – What are the leasing conditions and condominium rules?

It is essential that you are aware of the condo for rent Singapore leasing conditions. That is why reading the leasing agreement should be done carefully. Make sure that everything you have negotiated with the landlord is written in the agreement. This is so you know that both you and the landlord are on the same page with the leasing agreement.

One of the agreement aspects that you should verify is the early termination of lease. That is because most landlords do not include the price of the early release fee in the agreement. There are landlords that charge a hefty fee if you decide to terminate your lease before it expires. Therefore, you should ask about this before you close the deal on the whole unit for rent in Singapore.

Moreover, you should also ask about the rules and policies implemented with the condo for rent Singapore vicinity. Do they allow tenants to have pets? Is cooking allowed in the unit? Some condominiums have strict rules regarding guests. Thus, it is vital that you are aware of the rules before agreeing to rent the condominium unit.

In summary

Renting a condominium unit in Singapore is easy as long as you do extensive research on your options. Do not be afraid to ask a lot of questions to the landlord or rental agent. After all, you will be spending money to live in a whole unit for rent in Singapore. You would definitely want to make sure that you are getting what you can afford. If you need more tips in renting properties in Singapore, go to SRX Property’s website.

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