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family law specialist in montana

Many Montana residents may still be unaware that local laws have redefined certain vital aspects of child custody to simplify the process of separating couples. For instance, the state no longer recognizes the term custody to define a parent-child relationship, opting instead for the word parenting to fulfill that purpose.

A reliable and experienced Montana family law attorney can describe how straightforward or complex the dissolution of marriage can be for residents in the state, depending on individual circumstances. Nonetheless, hiring one of these legal experts can make the process less painful and stress-free.

Therefore, residents considering a change in family dynamics can refer to the following reasons outlining the need for a dependable family law specialist. 

Unbeatable expertise

Although the divorce rate in Montana seems to be steadily decreasing, divorces are still pretty common, meaning the expert advice of a family law professional is still crucial. Hiring a qualified, practicing local attorney can help ease the burden of a tiring marriage dissolution as these individuals are familiar with the nuances of the law.

For instance, several folks may not know that Montana cannot rule on their marriage dissolution unless they have been local or state residents for at least ninety days. Similarly, if the couple has children under eighteen years, they cannot file for dissolution unless the kids have been residing in the state for six months. 

These are some of the things a local lawyer can help new residents and those looking for a separation with.

The proceedings can sometimes be messy 

The grounds for dissolving a marriage in Montana describe that there must be an irretrievable breakdown in the relationship. If both parties do not agree to a joint dissolution, the proceeding can quickly become unpleasant. This can be an incredibly exhausting and painful process for the children.

However, an experienced lawyer can help residents navigate these tricky legal situations by advising on their individual and subjective circumstances. They can file a no-fault dissolution on behalf of their clients, wherein they need not show that the marriage has broken down irrevocably. Some local experts offer to aid people in representing themselves while supporting them from the sidelines.

Moreover, good Montana attorneys charge reasonable fees, around $75 or so for an initial thirty-minute phone consultation, where they clearly state their fee amount and structure, so as to allow prospective clients to decide if they can afford their services. 

Best interests of the child

In Montana, the courts decide the parenting arrangements keeping the children in mind, ensuring they have the best care possible regardless of which parent receives full custody. 

Generally, the law considers it best for children involved in such cases to be in touch with both parents. Also, anyone under eighteen is viewed as a child in Montana and cannot legally refuse to see or meet with a parent post-dissolution.

Undoubtedly, one of the most undeniable and primary reasons to hire an excellent Montana family law attorney is that it lies in the best interests of the children. The legal specialist can help locals deal with these situations efficiently and quickly, ensuring the result is satisfactory to everyone involved. They can also help fathers claim alimony, not just mothers, as Montana family law allows.

Hence, consulting a legal expert in Montana will help you ensure your marriage dissolution is as painless and swift as possible.

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