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pool fencing

Pool fencing is a fence that surrounds a swimming pool. It is done to protect children and guests who are unaware of the swimming pool. It creates resistance for intruders even. Fenced pools have a latching system, and they have to follow the norms and regulations that are prevalent country-wise.

Read on to know further about pool fencing.

pool fencing

What Are Pool Fences Made Up of?

Swimming pool fences are made from various materials like aluminium, glass, steel, vinyl/PVC, wood, or meshes. They can be carved with designs that have gaps in them for light to pass through and clear visibility. But sometimes, some pool owners prefer total seclusion so that no one from outside can have a peek into their personal lives. It is then that they prefer covered or without any designs or gaps.

There are yet some houseowners who prefer installing glass fencing which usually don’t work out best in controlling privacy, however, enhances beauty which is more important for them. Here the choice of the pool owner is to be respected and adhered to. It is for the owner to decide the cost that he can bear, what safety measures he requires, and how much time and money he can devote to maintaining his pool.

Pool Fencing Compliances

Even though an owner prefers total privacy through solid fencing, they have to first comply with norms that the state laws require. They have to do as the state directives tell them to do so.

There must be certain gaps between each panel; the height of each panel is specified by the state and the gapping between the fencing and the latching panel. Again there are certain rules regarding the installation of fences. If these rules are adhered to, they will not face any problems with pool fencing that is a requirement to stay protected from many forces that can destroy privacy.

Installation of Pool Fencing- All You Need To Know

When it comes to installation of pool fencing, it is installed only after the pavements, and the entire setup is ready. But although the final fencing material is not installed, temporary fencing is first installed as the law requires that the fencing be done no matter how long your work takes to complete your poolside. After all the work in the pool and outside it is completed, your chosen contractor will finally install the fencing material that the owner has decided for his pool.

Installation of Pool Fencing

However, the temporary pool fencing must also comply with the rules and regulations of the state. Just so that the owner’s costs do not shoot up unnecessarily, the whole project must be lined up one after the other in proper sequencing and order.

Important Points To Note Before Installing Pool Fencing

A few tips must be followed while getting a pool installed along with the pool fencing. If the following measures are adopted when the installation process is on, then there will be no hurdles to cross later on:

  • The height of the pool fencing panels
  • The Structure of the pool and its fencing
  • The type of fencing
  • The gate must be following the laws
  • The materials of the pool fencing are to be decided on carefully


While getting your pool fencing done, you must keep the mentioned above points in mind. Following up with these points help you make the most out your investment when planning to safeguard your swimming pool.

So, what makes you wait? Install fencing for swimming pool and see the difference all by yourself.

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