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places to visit in shimla

Shimla’s hill station reflects the flawless natural beauty of the world. The sunset behind the glory of the snowy mountains is only breathtaking. Tens of thousands of tourists from around the world always loved the majestic beauty of these hills. There are a number of places in Shimla to visit that will make you love the place.

Shimla’s hill station reflects the perfect natural beauty on earth. It takes your breath away to just the brilliance of the snowy mountains and the sunset behind. Thousands of tourists from across the world have always been attracted by the majestic charm of these hills. There are numerous places to visit in Shimla to get you into love.

Places to visit in Shimla

Nothing can be romantic but a simple stroll along the path with a picturesque view of the Himalayas. Through different adventure sports, there are also many opportunities for thrill and excitement. If you are on a solo trip, you can try to hike with your friends or even alone.

There are also many religious sites in this area, such as Dhanu Devta’s temples, Kamna Devi, Tara Devi, and Hanuman’s temple, the monk-God, known in this place as Jakhu. Because of their colonial heritage, a number of Anglican churches built by the British are to be found replicating the architecture of the Elizabethan style.

Reasons to visit Shimla


Shimla is the place to go for it when you are ready for some excitement. This small town has plenty of trekking opportunities. Whether it’s the Dhanu Devta or the temple of Kamna Devi. The Chadwick Falls would be another spot in Shimla, while on a hiking tour. The Temple of Jakhu is also a good place to take a walk to Shimla. But Tara Devi would have to be the best trekking expedition. This place is a popular trekking destination for both residents and tourists in Shimla.

You can walk to Kuppar Bugyal if you want to go to the outskirts. There are numerous organized trails from Shimla via the Jalori Pass to Banjar or from Shimla to Chakrata at certain times of the year. The round trips from Shimla to Sungri may be chosen as well. These walks can offer a vibrancy and animation of the mountain’s hilly Himalayan paths and the mountain air.

A Shopper’s Paradise

Yeah, naturally! A nice offer for shopaholics would be one of the most popular destinations in north India. Even handmade wooden furniture for your home, whether you are going to shopping for souvenirs or just looking for some tribal artwork! Shimla’s got all for you.

The Mall Road is a must-visit to host one of the busiest markets of the area if you are looking for good deals. Also, stalls sell woollen knitted by hand and tonnes of other local products. It features several Pashmina chalks and exotic Tibetan tapestries of the best possible quality. The Tibetan market is another site to see in Shimla. It’s just like in Shimla a little Tibet. It features some of Tibet’s most ethnic artefacts, articles hand-crafted by local Tibetan craftsmen.

The Lakkar Bazaar would be one of the main places to see Shimla if you have a fetish for the interior decors of your house. This one is made by local artisans from Shimla, the most exquisite collection of tables made in wood. These tables have the most detailed and qualified skills that will surely attract you.

You could also stop by the Emporium Government during sightseeing in Shimla to purchase some of the signatures Shimla hats. These hats are a mark of the Himachali traditional people, who also create great remembrances. The traditional bead gems of Lakkar Bazaar can also be seen. Mostly they contain collars and earrings made of traditional stones and colourful beads. So don’t fail to walk through the local markets while you are visiting Shimla, and select colourful items.

A Foodie’s Heaven!

There’s plenty of spots to stop on a mall road for a brew of fresh coffee and delicious Munchies when looking for a break from all shopping. Wake & Bake, Hideout Cafe and Krishna Bakery are just a few of the most popular restaurants in the area. Some of the best coffee and snacks in town are available in these places. Also on Mall Road, the Kewal Ka Dhaba, which is certainly worth mentioning in the list. The place gives you a lot of British vibration. They wanted items most for the wonderful tea and the very famous butter buns they serve.

You must visit the Biharilal Sharma stall in the Jakhu road if you are looking to eat some street food. Since 1948 it served street fruit chats just at the entrance to the Jakhu. You can try The Sitaram & sons for some chole-bhatures or naans and kulchas if you visit Shimla and end up at Lakkar Bazaar. The famous Vaishnav Bhojanalaya guptajees serves delicious vegetarian cuisine at very reasonable prices for all vegetarians outside.

The Heritage Pride

Heritage walks through Shimla would take you back to old age. You can explore the town at a footprint and witness its true nature with churches, cathedrals, streets bordered by streets reminiscent of a rich colonial heritage.

The Anglican Church is an old church, giving you a nice feel of traditional English architecture. You can start your walk away. Going ahead, you reach a temple called the Kalibari with the cedar trees and old British-style buildings. The property of Fingask is lined with modern buildings and houses. You can walk further.

You walk on to Northbank, a beautiful edifice once the residence of the author of the Jungle Book, Rudyard Kipling. You would get ahead of it to the Kaithu that has simple houses lines. This is mainly the location of the locals. You can walk from there until the last place, the Annadale Ground, is a plateau, probably the only one in Shimla as a whole.

Other Routes

You can take a second tour of Shimla, through the Church of Christ and the hill of Jakhu, to the estate of Ballyhack. You’re coming to the Town Hall, the GPO, the Jesuits and Maries Convent and the House of Governors. In addition, the Palace of Woodville, the Cemetery and the Cedar Lodge were to be seen. You finally arrive in the famous Mall area. At first, it’d be still and quiet and you’d see a waterfall called “churail baoli.”

A little further, you cross the busy Mall Road and experience the thrill of the town of Shimla. You can continue on to Sima Chalet, a magnificent piece of Swiss-style architecture built during the British colonial period. The Combermere Bridge, constructed by the British official, Lord Combermere, is only a short distance away.

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