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The tendency to buy online in Pakistan is growing. This is why from fashion brands to eateries, every business is going online. Over time there is a rise in these websites’ credibility and security yet there are some important precautions to be kept in mind when one decides to buy online in Pakistan. Online shopping in Pakistan has brought convenience for consumers. Now they can shop online from E-shopping stores with a click. There is minimum human interaction. A variety of products is available. An abundance of choices is at their disposal. Now they need not go to a brick-and-mortar store or market.

Customers can now buy online groceries from the top stores of the town they are living. But it is suggested to keep the below-mentioned suggestions in mind while doing online shopping in Pakistan to avoid scams and fraudulent activities that might result in a financial loss.

Here are some of the primary points to be considered while doing online shopping. With these precautions, you will spend your money on the right brands and products.

The Trustworthiness Of A Website

  1. Consumer Reviews
  2. Shipment Costs & Time
  3. Payment Methods
  4. Proof Of Order Acknowledgment / Confirmation
  5. Return & Refund Policy

The Trustworthiness Of a Website

The best method to evade a scam while buying online is only to buy goods/services from trustworthy websites. A brand with an enormous fan following and a substantial number of positive reviews can be believed, as it won’t endanger its standing by scamming you out of your money as opposed to smaller stores. Most style brands and international food chains fall into this section. They will usually quote accurately what’s on offer and deliver it to a tee, to shun adverse backlash from their customer base. Most trustworthy websites will be well managed, offer you comprehensive details of their goods, shipping, and delivery charges, and give you a means to communicate with them directly via phone or email in case of unanticipated delays.

It is better to avoid buying online in Pakistan from a site that does not offer a direct means of contact for the customer.

Consumer Reviews

Purchasing goods online is swift and smooth. Always Check the Reviews Ere You Purchase Online. This is especially valid for those casual products you want to purchase from generic marketplaces where each seller in the market has listed their products for sale. Good reviews strengthen the reliability of the store/seller, and you can then think about purchasing their goods as per your requirements.

Shipment Costs & Time

While many eateries in Pakistan will give free shipment offer if the customer meets their minimum order conditions, some will charge an added amount to deliver the food to your doorstep. However, this is almost always the case with delivery packages for apparel, electronics, and all other goods. Mostly, the website will mention the transportation charges applicable overall. Some might even have different criteria to decide the charges of online shipment, like the customer’s location in a specific city, or the weight of the parcel. Normally, a shorter shipping time should be preferred but if the seller is a reliable one then no worries.

Payment Methods

There is a lot to be done to make online shopping in Pakistan as worthy of trust and beneficial as it is in the developed world. So it is highly recommended to prefer only cash-on-delivery as the payment method. It is the best payment method for every new website you deem fit to purchase from.

Proof Of Order Acknowledgment / Confirmation

It is suggested to get the proof of order confirmation. The consumer can get it by contacting the company. The company will send a receipt of the order via email. A consumer can also call on the contact number provided by the website. It is the most agile and oftentimes the best way to ascertain whether a product is in stock and can be delivered on time as committed.

Return & Refund Policy

Last but not the least, the return and refund policy offered by a seller is a vital factor to keep in mind. Sometimes a buyer likes the picture of a product very much but there’s no guarantee that it’ll reach you in the same state.
In that case, what can the seller do about it?

Kindly check, do they offer a money-back guarantee or a warranty on the product in case of damage?

Is there a choice of returning the product to the sender within a week if it does not meet your requirements and expectations?

Checking the return, refund, warranty, and guarantee policies before placing the final order will help a customer avoid scams and getting stuck with damaged goods.

These above-mentioned precautions will help in distinguishing the genuine salespeople from the conmen. And those who want to buy online in Pakistan will have a fruitful online shopping experience. Happy Shopping!

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