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online food ordering system

Ordering food online is the new norm, and over 1 billion people around the world order food online. The stats might seem a bit less considering the population of the world, but this number will keep on increasing with time.

Considering all these facts, you must now know how important an online food ordering system is for your restaurant. If you are worried about investing in an expensive online system. Worry not! before you make a decision, consider these benefits of implementing an online system:

  1. Easier to manage orders.
  2. Constant customer feedback.
  3. Reduces the amount of workforce required to manage your restaurant.
  4. Efficiently provides real-time tracking.
  5. Save money in the long-run.

To summarize, an online system can work as your virtual office where you can manage all your restaurant workings efficiently. But there are a few pre-requisites for developing a coherent strategy for your online presence.

Lay the Groundwork

First, you need to start with the basics, lay the groundwork for an online Food Delivery singapore in your restaurant. You need to have all the necessary accessories before starting your online presence. For your convenience, here is an overview of the requirements before going online:

  1. Employee training is a must for handling online queries.
  2. Hire delivery riders, and buy delivery vehicles.
  3. Digitize your restaurant inner-workings

online Food Delivery singapore

Hire an App/Website developer

This is one of the most important and critical requirements for building an online presence for your restaurant. Keep in mind that always hire people who have experience in developing such apps because if you hire an in-experience person, you might end up with a sub-par app/website.

After you find the most suited developer, the next step is to get your app/website developed. You might need three different apps/software for an efficient system:

  1. Customer App
  2. Driver App
  3. Management App/software

Furthermore, your apps should have the following systems embedded in them:

  1. Search Option
  2. Cart
  3. Payment Gateways
  4. Tracking option for both rider/customer
  5. Customer support
  6. Order history
  7. Reviews

All the top food delivery apps around the world have these basic features embedded in them. But, making the UI design user-centric is the key, if your app is hard to navigate, it can lead to higher bounce rates.

Reserve some extra cash for future-proofing

Just like any other marketing strategy, implementing a new online food ordering system might not give you perfect results from the get-go. So, it’s always better to reserve some extra cash just in case you need to make changes.

Marketing is a constantly evolving process and you need to frequently change your strategies. So, for that, reserving some initial cash is necessary before you start making profits out of it. We know that a high-budget might get you a better result.

However, remember, you need to spend your money only on the required features. Moreover, saving extra money can help you hire better people just in case your initial project fails. Because every business strategy is about trial and error.


We know that developing an attractive and efficient online food delivery system can be a bit much for some restaurant owners. But looking at the long-term benefits, it is recommended. However, if you are one of those people who just don’t want to go through the hassle.

You can still try using the available third-party online apps to save some initial money. But you will not be able to build your brand image and credibility with them. So, we recommend running a hybrid model. Build your own app, and use third-party apps as well to increase your reach like all the other top restaurant chains out there.

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