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netflix web-series

In the last couple of years, Netflix has become one of the most-watched OTT platforms. All thanks to different web series that it has come up with so far. In case you are eagerly waiting to watch some of the excellent content, this is the perfect blog for you. Here we have curated all the recently released web series on Netflix that one must watch.

1.  After Life season 2

After Life Season 1 was a major hit. We loved the story and adored the performances of all the actors. Taking the story ahead, the web series director has introduced season 2 that revolves around Tony, who wants nothing from life to let him live life peacefully. After the death of his wife, he tries to commit suicide. However, he then plans to do what he wishes to do and punish the worlds for their cruel acts.

But the story of the web-series takes a turn when he decides to do good work. This dark comedy is overwhelming. All thanks to its story and acting skills. Do watch this web series only on Netflix if you have not watched it yet.

2. Dead to Me season 2

This is a dark comedy that revolves around the death of the main character and the after story. The web series is best known for its intriguing plot and power-packed performances given by Christina Applegate and Lina Cardellini. They are also the executive producers of the web series. The show is a must-watch as it will make you laugh at some point, and at some point, it will make you cry.

3. Unorthodox

Next in the list of web series that have been released recently is Unorthodox. The series speaks about the traditional standards of the orthodox community; thus, the name Unorthodox suits the story of the series.

It is based on the life of the women who rebel from society and leads her life in the way she wants. The series is divided into four series and is inspired by the 2012 autobiography with the same name. Watch the web series for Shira Haas; she is amazing in the series. You can binge-watch it on the upcoming weekend.

4. Sweet Magnolias

Sweet Magnolias happens to be a beautiful story. The charming story of the web series is based on the three frank women who lived lives on their terms and conditions while struggling with problems that came into their way. The web series is no less than an excellent novel. The web series is light on the mind and is perfect for all age groups. If you plan to watch something that does not have much drama, you can surely binge-watch these web-series on the upcoming weekend.

5. Feel Good

If you are looking for the recently released web series that comedy, this is the ideal web series. The series concentrates on a comedian who is an emotional wreck in her personal life. Soon her life takes a significant change when she falls in love with George; the show has merely six episodes and is perfect to binge-watch even when you are on the go. After watching the web series, you will feel good.

6. Into the Night

If you have an interest in sci-fi, then you must watch this web series. The series is taken from the sci-fi book, known as The Old Axolotl, Into the Night. For the first time, Netflix has released a Belgian series. The series might remind you of the American series Lost. However, the plot of the movie is quite different. This intriguing webs series is a must-watch. To watch the series non-stop on your smartphone, you can recharge your network with the latest 4G plans. If you are an Airtel user, you can browse through Airtel Online Recharge and select the best plan to get the highest net.

7. Ozark Season 3

If you have watched the earlier seasons of this show, you must have a hint of season 3’s story. You can rest assured about the drama, as it as best as its previous seasons. The show has Laura Linney and Jason Bateman, who is best. You would love the series for its story and the power-packed performances of its lead and other actors. The series is currently available exclusively on Netflix and is perfect to kill your time.

8. Never Have I Ever

The series is created by the actor-comedian Mindy Kaling. The web series will give you a fresh change from other American high school dramas. It has an Indian origin actor, and the performances of all the actors are powerful. You would love each episode and would watch it more. Do watch this series if you do not want to skip the charisma of the show.


Netflix is one of the well-known OTT platforms that has been in India for the longest. The platform is known for its array of web series published over the years in different genres. Owing to the lockdown, all the cinema halls were shut down. Taking the same benefits of the same, Netflix has come up with some of the best web series that should be a must in your checklist of the latest web series to watch on Netflix.

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