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“Modern marketing refers to the combination of marketing strategies to distinguish, anticipate and fulfil customer needs as a trade-off for significant and generating income.”

For a company to be independent and successful, it needs to understand and opt smart marketing strategies. The company should opt for these modern marketing strategies to gain long term success and endure income. Now a days, people are most into buzz or meme marketing where you magically maximize the popularity of  your campaigns using the traditional methods of information sharing. So, it’s a blend of traditional and new marketing ways. 

When we study the market, we realize that for private companies it is not only a numbers game but something with deep and interesting.

What really is Modern Marketing?

  • Recognizing: Marketing Objective

Those days are gone when you could simply promote to masses without focusing on your speciality. The idea is to target the segment who are likely to be your customers in future. This process helps the management to identify potential customers and their needs.

  • Anticipating: Customer Needs

It is important for companies to analyse and understand their potential clients and their evolving needs. Without really understanding your customers, a marketer cannot define any suitable marketing strategy. 

  • Satisfying: Customers

This is the part where you get paid for every one of your endeavours. This progression basically incorporates a business’s sale that elevates your items to get your potential. This is additionally the trickiest part in light of the fact that there is no assurance that your potential clients will consistently transform into paying clients. 

You can now satisfy them by making content which makes them happy, curious like in buzz marketing. 

  • Retaining: Relations

Retention comes after satisfaction. On the off chance that you have satisfied clients, you will have to bring back the customers. Here, this step is critical also.

So, lets breakdown these four points and understand the concept of modern marketing strategy :

  • Partner Marketing:-

It is usually not found suitable as it follows a different strategy to gather deals. By definition, partner marketing is a showcasing system where an organization pays its partners for advancing and bringing potential clients or customers. The reason partner marketing is considered as a modern marketing strategy is because it is widely utilised. 

  • Blog Strategically:-

Words have powers and if used right, they can do wonders. Writing a blog is one of the most amazing approaches to drive targeted traffic on your site.

Truth be told, marketers that adequately write blogs tend to get more leads than those that do not, that is just in case when you’re doing it right.

Check out Dunzo marketing Strategy for more information

  • Leverage Social Media Advertising:-

Online media advertising is perhaps the most well-known segments of digital marketing. It is one of the most important modern marketing strategy that one should opt for. It involves a major piece of promoting financial plan and position in an organization’s corporate marketing strategy. 

Online media incorporates advertising strategies and techniques that are used across different web-based media channels, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest any many more. 

Online media has surely changed the game as far as how modern-day marketing functions.

  • Email Marketing:-

Email advertising is another advanced promoting technique that assists you with contacting those clients who are already impressed by your brand. It is important to note here that email promoting doesn’t circulate spontaneous messages, but speaks for your company.

It has become one of the most vital element in today’s world to easily showcase your product and brief about it to all the interested people easily. 

  • Woo your Audience:-

Last but not the least, storytelling is a very powerful tool for any marketer as it increases the sale and advertises their product through an innovative approach. Woo your audience doesn’t means to fool the audience but it means to create a long- lasting impression of your product in their mind unintentionally. Buzz marketing is an amazing way to woo the audience for example creating hilarious content, adding a sense of secrecy to make audience curious, being remarkable or full of controversies. 

To do it effectively, use the following 5 parameters:-

  • Determine who, when, what and where. 
  • Be totally authentic. 
  • Determine the result. 
  • Be steady. 
  • Permit audience to become the part of your story. 


Modern marketing strategies like buzz marketing, meme marketing not only help you in gaining customers but also assists you in creating room for your company in this highly competitive world and survive in it. It is the food and water for almost every company as, without it, a company can barely survive and keep its existence for long. 

The world has changed and it is now tech-savvy, so it is very crucial for all companies to realize the new need and style of marketing and frame strategies accordingly.

Any company can be in the race but modern marketing helps you win it!

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