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While it is common for the Outlook users to encounter errors while using this email application, not all errors appear in equal frequency. Therefore, users find it difficult to get the solutions to the problems that appear rarely. In this blog, we will discuss one rare error which is- The messaging interface has returned an unknown error.”

Whenever I try to open my Inbox, I keep getting this error message that says “Messaging interface has caused an unknown error.” It also asks me to restart Outlook. But I keep getting the same message ever after restarting several times. Please tell me what can I do to get rid of this error permanently?”

Once this error appears, it prompts users to restart Outlook. But in most cases the problem persists even after restarting the application. So, in such cases, users have no other option that to try other reliable methods.

How to Troubleshoot ‘ The Messaging Interface has Returned an Unknown Error ’

As mentioned earlier, restarting Outlook is the first and foremost solution to this error. Try the following techniques only if the restarting fails to fix this issue.

Method 1: Empty the Deleted Items Folder

The first way to fix ‘messaging interface has returned an unknown error’ is to remove all items from the Deleted Items folder. To do so, right click on the Deleted Items folder. From the options, select the Empty folder. This will remove all the emails from that folder. Now, users can try accessing Outlook.

Method 2: Create a New Outlook Profile

Creating new profile in Outlook and using that will also help you get rid of the error. The steps to create a new profile are as follow:

  1. Click on Start –> Settings on Windows and click Control Panel.
  2. Double-click on Mail. Click on Show Profiles -> click Add.
  3. Add name for the new profile that you wish to create.
  4. Enter the path to PST files when prompted and complete the steps.
  5. Select General tab and make this newly created profile as your default one.
  6. Open Outlook and start working without the error.

Method 3: Manually Repair the Corrupted File

If the mentioned methods fail to resolve this issue, it might be appearing because of the corruption in the PST file. Now, users have to remove corruption from the PST fie using the scanpst.exe tool.

  1. Exit Outlook and go to the location of Inbox Repair Tool
  2. Navigate to the PST file location by clicking on Browse button.
  3. Click on Start to find the corruption issues in PST file.
  4. Once the corrupted sectors are located, the tool will ask for your next step. To fix problems, click on Repair button.

After some time, the data file will be repaired.

Method 4: Outlook Recovery for Healthy PST

If the corruption of PST files are of advanced level, the manual tool will not be able to fix it. Users will need proven and efficient tool like SysTools Outlook Recovery. This application can fix any type of corruption and make the errors go away within a few minutes. Just download the tool and perform these steps:

  1. Launch the software and click on Add Files for PST file addition.
  2. Click on Advanced Scan to remove corruption.
  3. Click on Export button from the preview and select PST.
  4. Get healthy PST file by clicking on Export button.
  5. Import the PST file and start using it in Outlook without any error.

As readers can see, they can easily remove this problem using this tool without any data loss.


Despite being one of the most used email client, there are many issues of Outlook like annoying error messages. One such error is “the messaging interface has returned an unknown error.” If you are also facing the same problem and restarting is not helping you, try the methods mentioned here. In case of high level PST file corruption, which is the main cause of this problem, try the suggested application. This tool can fix all damaged and corrupted sectors of a PST file and remove this error for good.

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