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As a business and marketing student, you need no introduction to the gruelling schedule you signed up for. Business school means back to back classes, slogging away as an intern, and completing elaborate marketing assignments and projects. Compared to other branches of business or social sciences, marketing is a subject that deals with practical problem solving. You need to get down there to identify and anticipate potential threats and suggest marketing measures that ensure customer satisfaction and profit.

Besides covering all the components of the topic of an online assignment help, what can help you stand apart is how you write the introductory part of the assignment. But to get the introduction right, here are a few questions you need to ask and analyse:

8 Questions to Answer before Writing a Marketing Assignment

  • What is the niche of the organization in question?
  • What is the market size – local, national, or global?
  • What is the target audience we are talking about?
  • What are the current trends in practice in the target market?
  • What is the position of the brand in question in the market?
  • What do the clients and other potential consumers think about the brand?
  • Who are the competitors of the brand? What do the contending brands do differently?
  • What is the estimated budget of the brand for investing in marketing activities?

Once you have clear answers for each of the above questions, you can move on to writing an informed introduction for your marketing assignment. That brings us to the crux of this post: how to write the introduction of a marketing assignment? Since the introduction to the project cannot be too wordy (preferably under 500 words), you need to make every word count.

In what follows, I have enlisted all the essential components that should make it to the introduction. Make sure to tick each of the boxes to write an intro that is engaging, insightful, and (most importantly) well-justified. Here you go!

Sample Question:

Discuss about the Market Opportunities for CQ University.

Answer: Educational Industry is one of major sector that contribute to the economy of the country. There are more than 50 educational institutes in America. However, all these institutes are different from each other and are in competition with each other’s. The report discusses about the marketing plan of CQ University. The university has a good reputation only among the locals but also in the International market.

1. Mention the basic products or services

The intro of a marketing assignment help should help the reader understand the organisation in question. The introduction should serve as the bulletin saying what the company does, its goals, and how it has been performing in the last few years.

Also, you must describe the products and services that the brand deals in. If there is enough scope, you can mention the future plans of the organisation as well. Suppose we are talking about an academic brand that offers assignment help online. In that case, you may include the future plans (like expanding into more academic services, covering more subjects, in a line.

2. Give an overview of your research

The thesis statement of the marketing assignment should turn the spotlight onto the findings and results of your research. Ensure that you hit all of the major points regarding the market share, target audience, trends, etc. also, even as a student, think professionally.

Consider your marketing assignment to be an actual market report. In that case, the introduction should provide a quick but specific overview. So, we are talking numeric and established statistical details right in the first sentence of the intro. Learn what kind of numerical data to include.

3. Outline the objectives of the assignment

Once the readers are aware of the tenets that the brand stands on and your analysis and finding, come to the assignment’s purpose. Your readers must know why is the initial information important. To do that, specify what exactly you were trying to explore or determine in the assignment.

If it is a SWOT and PESTLE analysis, you can mention how it was meant to bring out the strengths and weaknesses of various demographic factors. Mention how your goal is to ensure that the marketing activities can be made more effective and rewarding.

4. Display real-time marketing data

Unless you give the readers some data, every word you say will be mere text. When working on a marketing assignment, you need to ensure that it calls for the desired action. To achieve that, you need evidence.

Give examples about brands in the niche and how much they have improved using the preventative measures that you have suggested. When mentioning statistics that show how a brand is faring low, offer explanations as to why that might be the case and what preventive measures the brand can take to handle the situation. Here are 10 websites to follow for genuine marketing data.

5. Forecast future trends

Go beyond just analysing past marketing techniques. Write your views about future trends and explain what factors will come into play. And do not only focus on trends that the brand in question can optimise on. Mention the trends that can sabotage the brand authority of the organisation as well.

Touch upon factors like better and more successful competitors, discontinuation of raw materials, banning a product/service, etc. Having done that, mention how having the right kind of marketing plan can save the organisation. Read more about assessing and understanding marketing trends here.

6. Mention about surveys and experiments

If you have surveyed people to write the marketing assignment, then the introduction will be a good place to mention that. Marketing assignments and projects ride mostly on consumers. So, when the readers know that the project results were determined after conducting polls and surveys on real people, they get more interested.

However, do not get into painstaking details. Just mention the mode of the survey – Was it experiments, polls, or survey questionnaires? This is mostly like writing the methodology section of a thesis but in fewer words. Click here to know how to form survey questionnaires for marketing assignments.

Parting words,

When writing a marketing assignment, don’t just focus on your grades. Consider it to be a marketing plan that you are forwarding to a business client for approval. Remember, the introduction is where you make the first impression. It’s the first seed you plant. So, it ought to be better than just good. Make sure to tap into each of the components mentioned in this post to have the reader hooked right from the beginning. Also, pore through samples of marketing reports and assignments to get a better idea.

All the best!

Author Bio: Adam Holt is a business keynote speaker and a guest lecturer in several business schools across Australia. He is also associated with the brand, where he extends marketing assignment help. In his free time, Holt loves to travel and read.

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