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loki episode 1 review

Loki Episode-01 is amazing, a great start to a story of God of Mischief-Lauki Laufeyson. Timekeeper, Sacred Timeline, Nexus beings were the new things introduced in the MCU. The episode talks about how madness can happen in time if branches in the sacred timeline go out of control. At the end of the series, we might expect the stage for the possible multiverse in the Spider-Man – No way home releasing in December 2021. Here are 3 things about Episode -1 that surprised me-

1. Sacred Timeline is still Sacred!

which means that whatever Loki did with tesseract to escape with it is no big deal for TVA to solve. They can solve it in a minute. This indicates that whatever will be going to happen in the upcoming episode will going to mess up the timeline. Here in the photo, we can see & Loki learned that the scared timeline is a real thing & the way Mobius explain it to Loki is the same as the Ancient one explain it to the hulk.

loki episode 1
Source: Loki – Disney+ Hotstar

2. Tesseract & Other infinity stones didn’t work at TVA.

Tesseract being a Space stone didn’t work when Loki tried to escape out of TVA. This means that TVA HQ is a different whole dimension out of the multiverses, and it was created before the start of Space & singularity. i.e before the infinity stones were created. (As explained by Collector in Guardian of Galaxy Vol.1 on Infinity Stones).In the meantime, Loki here realized that TVA is big deal and he couldn’t win against TVA being inside TVA so he decides to corporate with Mobius.

loki season 1
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3. Loki Learning hard lessons.

Loki learned that he wasn’t born to be a king, but he was born to cause pain and suffering just so others (Avengers)can be the best version of themselves. Being the reason his mother died, his father decides to be one with the universe. Earlier he admitted that he was Smart, not a murderer but a liberator but soon he realized when he saw the whole life of the Loki that what will he became just to meet death by the hand of Thanos (for whom he was worked for, The attack on New York, The Avengers 2012). The same tesseract leads him to death and no matter what good he did in the last minutes of his life it wasn’t enough. Just like his last line before death: “you will never be a god”.

loki web series
Source: Loki – Disney+ Hotstar

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