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Taxi Booking App like UBER

In Today’s World, People can book a Taxi, Bike, or Auto in a short period using their own Mobile Devices whether it is Android / iOS. Building a Clone of Taxi booking app like Uber needs more knowledge and out-of-box thinking too. Here are the few core features we have to add to our Uber-like Applications.

  1. Ease in Sign up Process: The Signup process for both Rider and Driver has to be small and crisp. It will help the users to feel that the app is simple to handle
  2. Location Fetching Ability: Users can select and save their favored spots to make their accessibility more comfortable. It is suitable in cases where a user strives for a ride to or from a place regularly. Attributes related to frequently visited termini and trails add up to app usability and make taxi booking easy for riders.
  3. Estimated Time of Arrival: Regarding the benefits presented for the user, the application should show the possibilities of choosing the taxi and its estimated time of arrival (ETA). This feature is Highly Beneficial for the user while booking a ride.
  4. Choose Vehicle Option: The subsequent essential feature of the taxi booking app is the ‘choose a vehicle. Here the rider can choose a vehicle as per comfort. Uber allows the riders to choose from the available list of vehicles such as a van, sedan, auto, bike, SUV, etc.
  5. Translucent Booking Technique: One of the deciding elements that would make any online taxi booking service a triumph among users is the translucency in pricing. All the information related to the fares should be made available to the user in a simple manner. Using the option of the rate card, users can view the fare partition with respect to their desired ride.
  6. GPS Tracking: GPS tracking permits the driver to get to the right location. The drop to the spot is followed live by the Google Map that allows the rider as well as the driver to match the map and follow it for running the place with the most unassailable route. It is typically a route tracking and directing feature like Google Maps.
  7. Impeccable Payment Options: In classic taxi services, Riders have to argue with the drivers due to higher cab fares. But today, the procedure is distinct as the online cab booking system has obliterated this issue. Now, you can get an estimation of your Fare before booking the taxi and make payments online with a few clicks.
  8. Emergency Contact (Save Our Souls): In order to guarantee secure and hassle-free rides, the platform should provide a security segment in their application where users can add the contact details of any person. Moreover, the user can also opt-in to share information with that emergency contact every time a ride is taken. This is one segment you must not skip in your cab booking solution.
  9. Schedule a Ride for Later: For the taxi booking app, scheduling a ride for Later is an influential part. It helps the riders to book their ride pleasingly in advance. Numerous moments the riders want to schedule their ride in advance in order to make themselves feel assured about their taxi timing. It aids you to book your cab well-in-advance.
  10. Confirm/Cancel Ride: So, the next noteworthy element is the Cancel and Confirm ride feature. By entering the correct where to or drop location, the user needs to click on the confirm ride button for confirming the ride. After that, if there is any change in the plan, the passenger can cancel the ride citing an explanation. Admin levies a fixed fee for canceling the ride after a certain time.
  11. Ride Ratings & Feedback: Review and ratings are appreciatively renowned for permitting the drivers to get their merited rating and feedback from the riders. Reviews are also given by the drivers for the customers based on their conduct with them.


Taxi booking applications are widely utilized in the World as it has fetched comfort for short and long-distance traveling. Today, we can book our taxies in advance at any time of the day and night because of car rental apps like Uber, and Ola. There is no need to employ an agency for reserving your taxi as you get it all done via a taxi booking app like Uber. Below, we will go through some features of the taxi apps like Uber to decide their exhibition cost.

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