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Empty interior residence with hardwood floors in the city

Looking to renovate your old house? No matter the reason, if you search for good, comfortable, and beneficial flooring, engineered timber flooring could be your one-stop solution. We are not saying this because it is going high on trends, but for its comfort and conveniences.

Read on to know further about using engineered timber flooring to have an overall better understanding.

What Is Engineered Timber Flooring?

If you do not know what engineered timber flooring is, let us tell you that it is an alternative to solid timber floors. It consists of plywood underneath, and on top of that, there is a thinner hardwood layer glued. The underneath plywood is usually made of rubberwood, pine, or plywood. 

Engineered Timber Flooring

Advantages of Engineered Timber Flooring 

The advantages of engineered timber flooring are many. Here we have discussed the most common and prominent ones:

1. Easy to install

If you like to do everything by yourself, engineered timber flooring could be the best option for you. It lays perfectly on the floor while installing, and it also has a click-lock system that makes it way simpler. Therefore, you have both the choice of DIY and taking professional help. In fact, the click-lock system is much more convenient for replacing. If one or two planks get damaged, you do not need to change the entire flooring. Keep an extra box full of planks handy. Just take the damaged ones out using the click system and replace them with the new ones. Even if you are a first-timer, you can do it!

2. A wide range of variety available 

In engineered timber flooring, you can have an ample range of variety available. There are several ranges of finishes, grades, and species available. In fact, there are different costs as well. So, you can choose at your convenience. You can choose from anything from oiled and aged top quality to low-budget lacquered ones as well. Whatever you choose, your floor is going to look stunning. A wide range of colors that are available in, provides a warm feeling to the viewers. Urban, rustic, modern, or anything you choose, you are sure to get some compliments from your guests.

3. Excellent Durability

There is no question about the durability of the engineered timber flooring. The underneath plywood is made of multiple layers after layers, making it extremely hard and durable. They are highly tough. This feature makes it perfect to be used in areas where the foot traffic is on the higher side. Hence, the commercial areas are best to use this.

4. Not much contraction or expansion

Apart from all the benefits, the engineered timber flooring is even greater because it does not expand or contract as much as solid wood does. So, you can use it in areas like the bathroom or kitchen, and the temperature or humidity does not impact it.

real wood

Just like real wood

Most people opt for engineered timber flooring because it is the perfect replica of real wood. When it first came to the market, many said that it’s a poor part of solid wood. However, the situation has changed. Not many people can understand the difference between real wood and engineered timber wood.


At the end of the day, you should overlook any drawback of your home; after all, it is special. In regards to that, the flooring is a special part of your house. Therefore, you deserve the best to have for your home. Hopefully, with the benefits of the engineered timber flooring offer, you will not go for any other options.

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