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irish sea moss for weight loss

There are just limitless weight loss plans and techniques scattered on the internet. Some are scientifically-backed, even used as a treatment for certain diseases. Some came from ancient times or due to religious culture while some are just merely a fad. But, what is common among these diets is practically the weight loss or management outcome.

We summarized some of it for you. Let us look at some of the popular diets out there.

  • Ketogenic
  • Whole 30
  • Low-FODMAP diet
  • Intermittent fasting diet (time-restrictive eating)
  • The Mediterranean diet
  • The DASH diet
  • The MIND diet

No matter what your diet plan is, the end goal is always for weight management and to have a healthier life. More so, what is common among these plans is the call for sustainable food intake because a good diet is never about compromising your nutrition.

This is why superfoods that are non-GMO and whole like Earthbal Sea Moss is popular. It is a diet solution. With its little quantity, you can already get a whole pack of nutrients which is also essential in a metabolism boost.

Sea Moss, your Diet Solution

Sea Moss

Sea Moss or also called an Irish Sea Moss or moss seaweed because of its popularity with the Irish people before is an ocean superfood. It is abundant in coastal waters with rockier terrain.

This Irish Sea Moss is one of the best alkaline whole foods on the market. Detox&Cure heavily emphasizes the use of natural Irish sea moss, like dried better than baked, to gain its optimal nutrient.

Properties of Irish Sea Moss

Irish sea moss was labeled as peasant food before its benefits were discovered but lo and behold, Irish sea moss actually saved the Irish people during the famine. In the 19th century, this sea moss was popularized as an elixir because of its limitless benefits

But before we get into the benefits, let us first look at the components of the sea moss.

Alkaline Food

Sea moss is known to be an Alkaline Food. What is that? Alkaline foods help to balance the pH of the body. A good amount of alkaline foods is claimed to have a healthier life and even prevent sickness.

Fucoxanthin Containing

Fucoxanthin is researched to prevent the absorption of unwanted fats in the body. It also greatly supports the digestive system. Did I forget to mention that Sea Moss is also rich in probiotics? Probiotics is essential in maintaining a healthy gut.

Given these two potent components of sea moss, a healthy gut is never a question for daily eaters of sea moss.

Iodine Source

Likewise, being an ocean superfood, sea moss is a natural iodine source. It is abundant in iodine that because of this, a good amount of sea moss daily would eventually promote healthier Thyroid Glands.

92/103 Trace Minerals

You might be wondering, why sea moss can be hailed as a superfood? It is easy to answer. Aside from the aforementioned, sea moss contains 92 out of 103 necessary micronutrients in one food.

A wholefood sea moss like the one sold by Earthbal is fiber-packed and rich in potassium, calcium, iodine, and natural vitamins A, B, D, E & K.

“How Can This Help Me Lose Weight?”

This brings us to the benefits of Sea Moss. We must know what we are getting ourselves to know that the benefits are grounded.

Irish Sea Moss Benefits For Weight Loss

Healthy Thyroid

Because sea moss promotes healthy thyroid, its benefits cascade to a lot more benefits. A good Thyroid gland means a healthy function of the following:

  1. Heart
  2. Cholesterol levels
  3. Bones
  4. Muscle control
  5. Reproductive organs
  6. Nervous system

The gland is important in the management of Thyroxine and Triiodothyronine which are essential for brain function and psychological health.

Metabolism Booster

The metabolism is the process of breaking down foods and the distribution of nutrients to the cells. Sea moss and its properties are very helpful in improving gut metabolism and promote healthy thyroid function. With just these two, a good push for a more active metabolism is assured.

Good digestion

Naturally, sea moss also helps by lining the intestines with probiotics. Its anti-inflammatory properties are also great for an irritated bowel and help to heal gut-related issues.

Less food intake

Fucoxanthin and less dense whole food

A lower calorie intake ultimately leads to weight loss. It may also help to reduce or even eliminate cravings for processed foods, trans (bad) fats, sweet foods, and caffeine. The best method for sustainable weight loss is consuming a whole food plant-based diet and increasing your physical activity.


A healthy thyroid plus a regulated weight are the things that Irish sea moss can guarantee when taken in the right amount daily. No matter what your diet plan is, a good whole diet is still the most optimal food.

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