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unlock samsung galaxy

Many of us end up with broken screens quite frequently. The fractured screen sometimes makes it hard or even impossible to unlock the phone. It is not always possible to get the screen replaced quickly, and we want a solution to access our essential data. You also might want to manage your private data before you hand over the phone for repair. It becomes vital to learn to unlock a Broken Screen to avoid any problems. Galaxy is one of the most used phones worldwide, and hence we have decided to provide some support to its users.

Unlock Password/Pattern/PIN on Galaxy with cracked Screen

This article would serve users as a guide to unlock their samsung galaxy with a Broken Screen. You can unlock the password/PIN or Pattern on the galaxy by following the guidelines.

We have listed below four methods that you can use to unlock Samsung Galaxy with a broken Screen. Use these methods to unlock your device.

Method 1- Unlock Android Phone with Broken Android Data Extraction

This method will make use of Android data extraction software. You need to install Android data extraction software on your computer and follow the steps:

  1. Connect your Samsung Galaxy and computer using a USB cable.
  2. Launch the application and click on the “Unlock” option.
  3. Set the appropriate Device Name and Model and click on “Next.” You will have to go through one confirmatory step after that.
  4. Enter your device into download mode. When your phone is off, hold the power key, Volume key from the upper side, and home button simultaneously.  Press the Volume Up key after the screen lights up.
  5. Download the recovery package in the application and then remove the lock.

Your Samsung should not start without a password.

Method 2- Using Android Debug Bridge

Another way to unlock your Samsung device is by using an Android Debug Bridge. ADB allows users to make developer level changes to your device with the help of a computer. Although, the USB debugging on your device should be enabled before it got locked. If it is enabled, then follow these steps:

  1. Download the Android SDK package on your computer.
  2. Download USB drivers for your Galaxy model from Samsung’s website.
  3. Connect the phone and the computer. Then, launch the command prompt.
  4. Go to platform-tools by entering cd C:/android/platform-tools. Then, type ‘adb devices’ and press enter.
  5. Enter the below commands to unlock your phone:

 adb shell input text “your code”

shell input keyevent 66

  1. For pattern lock use:

adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key.

Your device will be unlocked and ready to use.

Method 3- Using a USB Mouse and the On the Go Adapter

With the help of the ‘On the Go Adapter,’ you can scroll through your device screen with the help of a mouse. This method is an easy way to unlock your device without any third-party applications. However, you will have to check if your Galaxy model supports an OTG adapter. If it supports an OTG, then buy an OTG and connect your device to a mouse. You will be able to perform actions with the help of the mouse instead of touching the broken screen.

Method 4- Using your Samsung Account

Users can also use their Samsung Account to log into their devices without entering their code. The users can use this service only if they into the Samsung account on their device. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the link
  2. Click on the login. Enter your credentials on the new page and log in.
  3. Use your device from the menu on the left side of the screen.
  4. After your device is located, click on the ‘Unlock’ option.
  5. You will be asked to enter your Samsung password again. Enter your password and click on ‘Next’ to finish.

This method will remove all locks from your screen, and the lock will become ‘Swipe only.’

These are the few essential methods that would help you to unlock your broken Samsung galaxy phone. We hope that it will help you to access your mobile device without touching the broken screen of your device.

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