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hair transplant

Hair transplant Beverly Hills offers you permanent solutions to hair loss. It plays a great role in restoring your esteem and fixing your appearance. There are a few ways the doctors conduct the hair transplant processes. The main methods are strip surgery and follicular unit extraction- There are several sub-categories under the two. They all depend on your hair and follicle type, the types of tools, and the extraction techniques used. 

It would help if you took special care of your scalp and new grafts after a hair transplant. The care you apply will determine the success rate of the process. Hair transplants are expensive. Thus, you should do everything well to ensure the success of the process. 

Understand Potential Risks

Before you take any cosmetic process, you should know the potential risks. It helps you to take the right steps and select the best post-care methods.

Hair transplants involve extracting your follicles from one part and transplanting them to another. Thus, there are needles and pricks involved. Without proper care, you are prone to pain and infections. Scalp infection can lead to further hair loss. 

You can have one session of hair transplant and cover your hair loss successfully. However, many adults need more than one treatment to achieve the desired fullness. Also, you will experience hair fall after the transplant.

The common risks included redness, swelling, pain, itchy scalp, scarring, bleeding, hair follicle damage, nerve damage, blood vessel damage, and scalp tissue damage. However, some of the risks are taken care of by the surgeon. Thus, the first step to care for transplanted hair is to choose a qualified and experienced hair surgeon. 

Follow Doctor’s Care Instructions

Every doctor has a list of post-surgery hair care instructions. They base their tips on the patient’s scalp type and the method of a hair transplant they use. Doctors at hair transplants Beverly Hills will wrap your hair with damage after the surgery. The bandage shields you from direct sunlight. You can keep the scalp for 48 hours or remove it after you get home. 

Use the medicated shampoo and lotion as instructed. Don’t rub the lotion into the scalp; instead, pat it into the scalp. It helps prevent dislodging the hair grafts.  

Sleep with Head Elevated

A hair transplant will affect your sleeping position until your scalp heals. You will need to elevate your head while sleeping- It prevents the donor and recipient sites from swelling. 

Elevating the head also ensures that nothing rubs against the grafts while you sleep. Use extra pillows for elevation. Arrange them in a way to support your body from the waist upwards. You can receive a special pillow at hair transplant Beverly Hills. Please use it as instructed. 

Use a Mild Shampoo

The first shampoo you should use is the medicated shampoo you get a hair transplant Beverly Hills- Use it to the last drop. Then buy a mild shampoo. It ensures you do not irritate your scalp at the donor and recipient areas.

Aggressive shampoos have harsh chemicals. Besides a transplant, you can’t use them if you have inflammation or some skin condition. It’s not even advisable to use aggressive shampoos frequently when your scalp is normal. They strip off your hair and scalp’s natural oils, leaving it dry and flaky. Aggressive shampoos are on the list of hair loss causes. 

Keep the Scalp Clean

You may be advised not to wash your head the first 48 hours after the transplant. At this time, the grafts have not connected with your blood vessels. The doctor will give you a spray to nourish your scalp before you start cleaning your hair. Use the spray as instructed- it helps to set the grafts on their new home.

If you need to freshen up, you can use a damp cotton cloth and pat it on the scalp. It will help you remove the load of lotion and a spray that you’ve been applying for the two days.  

Wash the Scalp Gently

When it is finally a wash day, you should understand that the grafts are not yet strong; thus, you should use a gentle motion to wash the scalp. Do not wash your hair directly under the shower. The shower pressure may be too high for the graft.

You can use the sink to wash your hair. Pour some lukewarm water on your scalp and let it settle for about one minute before you proceed. It helps to soften the dry blood on the scalp. Take your mild shampoo and apply- Use gentle motion to massage the scalp. Use a cup to rinse out the shampoo and wrap your head with a cotton towel. Let the towel absorb the water for about 30 minutes.

Keep Grafted Area Moist

At no one point should you allow your scalp to get dry? A dry grafted area may lead to scarring. You can avoid this by keeping the scalp moist. You can achieve this by applying the medicated cream to your scalp after washing. Also, have a spray schedule- like spraying after every 2-3 hours. 

You will get a saline solution or an ointment from hair transplant Beverly Hills. Use the products too frequently to mist your hair- they help protect the grafted hair from dehydration.

Wear a Protective Hat

The first four weeks after a hair transplant are vital for a successful procedure. Thus, you should not expose your hair to direct sunlight. Ensure you wear protective gear all the time when you step out.

The corporate world may hinder ladies from wearing a hat. In this case, they can have a head wrap that can round up as a scarf. The protective hay will not only shield you from the sun’s rays, but it will also block dirt and germs from getting to your scalp.

Reduce Physical Activities

We are living in a quick world. You may engage in physical activities to remain fit for your daily responsibilities. The activities may be vigorous, causing heavy sweating. After the transplant, you should limit your physical activities. 

Vigorous activities can increase pain and swelling. Thus, it delays the recovery of the transplanted grafts. You can engage in non-aerobic exercises like stretching and walking.


Hair transplants are an effective way to restore your hairline and cover bald spots. When you get your service at Best hair transplant Beverly Hills, you will get the best after-care instructions. The tips are easy to follow. Also, you can contact your doctor if you feel everything is not alright. 

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