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speak english fluently

Surely when you are learning a new language, like English, the first thing you want to do is speak it fluently. And you may have all the tools to do it, such as grammatical forms, but when speaking in English, you get stuck thinking about which word to use to express yourself, or what time the verb you want to say is, and maybe you make you nervous by not being sure if you are pronouncing the words correctly.

These doubts that hold you back when talking in English are more common than they seem. Do not get carried away by these thoughts or lose heart. Staying positive is the first step to speaking English fluently.

Here are other tips so that in a short time you will learn to speak fluently in English.

Where to begin?

Create a study routine

One of the most important aspects when learning to speak English is an organization. With a study routine you will find yourself speaking English faster than you imagine.

Set a schedule to practice daily and stay focused on the goals you want to achieve.

Discipline is another of the things that you must take into account since perseverance is essential if you want to speak English quickly.

Listen to audios daily

Familiarizing the ear with the language is one of the best ways to practice. Listen to your favorite songs, watch movies or shows and if you have the opportunity to speak English with a native speaker, all the better.

When you listen to the language you often get used to your ear to distinguish new words and to intuit their meanings, and to model the pronunciation by focusing on the appropriate intonations.

Apply this advice for at least an hour a day and write down any words that you can’t understand to look up later in the dictionary. Try to use it in an English conversation when you can.

Read in English

Reading daily will give you the opportunity to integrate new words into your vocabulary, which you can then use to speak in English.

In addition, it is a very important tool to improve reading comprehension and understand the meaning of words through its association with the context.

Another recommendation to speak English fluently through reading is to read aloud and practice the pronunciation of words. This way you can internalize vocabulary and improve your ability to express yourself. Little by little you will lose your fear of speaking in English.

If you can combine the reading with audio it would be much better to link the pronunciation with the writing of the word faster.

Avoid translating

A common mistake people make is translating words into their own language. Don’t make that mistake! When you translate, you change the meaning of the sentence or even take it away. Learn the words by context.

Another reason to avoid translation is that when you are involved in an English conversation, translating every word you want to say in your head can block you and make you lose the thread of the conversation.

Think in English

This is the key to being fluent in English. It may seem like a difficult task, but it is easier than it seems. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know enough vocabulary, you can work with the one you already have and even that will help you learn new words little by little.

Start by incorporating as routine thinking about what you are going to do during the day as if you were telling a friend about it, so you can practice phrases to speak in English.

Review new words

As you learn English, you will meet new words, idioms and/or slangs that you do not master. The best thing you can do to expand your vocabulary is to use these unfamiliar words and phrases in your English conversations.

Practice makes a master. Review these words over and over to expand your vocabulary and speak English fluently in no time.

Take English classes

On the Internet you can find tons of free and quality resources to learn to speak English online. However, if you want to be truly fluent in English, then an English speaking course is a great investment.

Wall Street English offers English courses so you can learn to speak English sooner than you think. The Blended Method combines the use of technology and interaction with native English teachers to make your learning process fun and effective.

You can also enjoy the Social Classes to practice your conversational skills in a relaxed atmosphere.

One of the most important tools when learning a language is to communicate as naturally as possible, and fluency is one of the key elements to achieve this. Take advantage of our tips to speak English fluently in no time!

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