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share google drive folder with onedrive


This informative write-up will provide you with the best solutions that can be used to share Google Drive folder with OneDrive account. Read this blog further to get a detailed information of how to share folders from Google Drive to OneDrive account.

When users have to secure their data on cloud platform, Microsoft OneDrive comes in the mind to rescue. It is widely used all over the globe and has become the best cloud platform for storing data on cloud. This is why, users start searching for the solutions to share Google Drive to OneDrive account. So, without further ado, let us avail the best solution to transfer G Drive files or folder to OneDrive account.

Why OneDrive is Preferred?

In this section of the blog, we will encounter the reasons because of which Microsoft OneDrive is preferred over G Drive cloud platform. A few of the reasons are mentioned in this part of the blog.

  • Microsoft OneDrive offers cross platform syncing facility.
  • It is a desktop based application whereas on the other hand, Google Drive is a browser based application.
  • Fir business purposes, OneDrive is preferred more.
  • It also renders multiple pricing or subscription plans.
  • MS OneDrive is more familiar to users as compared to Google Drive.

Share Google Drive Folder with OneDrive – Best Solution

SysTools Google Drive to OneDrive Migration Tool, is a direct solution to share folders from Google Drive to OneDrive account. It is adorned with the best of the features to make the whole migration process a lot easier. A help section is provided on all the screens to provide the details about the migration modes. Also, it offers a simple and self-intuitive interface which helps the non-tech savvy users. Apart from this, a demo version of the tool is provided, which can be downloaded to check the functionality of the software.

Noble Traits of the Software

This tool is designed with all the advanced features and algorithms. Some of the features offered by the tool are mentioned in the next section of the blog.

  1. Share all the file(s) and folder(s) of your Google Drive account to your OneDrive account in a trouble-free manner.
  2. Priority based migration allows users to share the files of specified accounts first to your OneDrive account.
  3. Provides distinctive ways to add the users into the software panel. Users just have to provide a CSV file contacting all the details.
  4. Different filtering options like range based migration using date-filter option. It ensures that no data will be lost while transferring the data into OneDrive account.
  5. Delta migration renders to share the appended data from your Google Drive account efficiently.
  6. Concurrent migration allows you to share the folders of multiple Google Drive accounts simultaneously.
  7. Preserves the folder structure intact from the very beginning of the migration process.

Steps to Share Google Drive to OneDrive Account

Users first have to activate the software by providing the details sent to your registered ID. Once the software is activated, please follow the steps sequentially.

Step 1: On the platform tab, select the Source and Destination platforms as G suite and Office 365 respectively.

Step 2: Next, select the workload category from the Setup screen and apply filters after that.

Step 3: Thereupon, add the details for G Suite Admin Account and validate the provided details.

Step 4: Similarly, add the details for Office 365 Admin account and validate them as well.

Step 5: Next, add the users by moving onto the Users screen. Thereafter, authorise the added users to initiate the migration process.

Step 6: At the end, click on the Start Migration button to share Google Drive folder with OneDrive account.

Drawbacks to Manually Share folders from Google Drive to OneDrive

Users can opt for the manual solution to transfer G Drive files or folder to OneDrive account. Though, the results might not be the desired one. Also, if the process gets interrupted in between, then it could lead to data loss, and this could be the permanent data loss. Apart from this, users can migrate the data of a single account at a time which makes it a laborious process.

Parting Thoughts

We have provided our users with the ultimate solution to share Google Drive Folder with OneDrive account. It overcomes all the shortcomings of the manual solution and thus, provides you with the desired results. So, now it solely depends on our users to choose the solution which is best suited.

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