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restore deleted data from sql table

Data loss in MS SQL Server is the most common problem that can occur anytime due to several known and unknown reasons.  Performing DELETE or UPDATE operation in SQL Server database without applying the WHERE condition is a common reason of data loss from SQL tables. Being a highly used  RDBMS among corporate sectors or businesses, the data loss effects in a large form. So, users must know the methods to restore deleted data from SQL table.

Some causes of data loss from SQL Server tables

  1. Accidental Deletion
  2. Viruses & Malware
  3. Hard Drive Damage
  4. Sudden Power Outage
  5. Software Corruption

After knowing the reasons of data loss let’s have a look at the methods that we can adopt to restore deleted data from SQL server tables.

Trouble-Free Approaches to Restore Deleted Data from SQL Table

Here, you’ll get two different methods to recover deleted table data from SQL Server. Pick any of the solutions that suit your needs.

Method 1. Restore table data from backup using SQL Server Management Studio

Follow the step to restore deleted table data from the .bak file of SQL Server:

Step 1. Launch SQL Server Management Studio and right-click on the Databases folder then select the Restore Database option.

Step 2. Check the radio button corresponding to Device.

Step 3. Click on File and then Add button.

Step 4. Select the backup file to restore the deleted table data and then click OK.

Step 5. Now, your table data is restored successfully and a confirmation message will display. Simply press the OK button.

Method 2. Automated Solution (Quick and Secure)

The above-mentioned method does not work if you don’t have a recent backup copy of your database. If you are looking for an instant solution to restore deleted data without backup file, then you can go for an alternate solution i.e. SysTools SQL Database Recovery software.

It is one of the most trusted and recommended solution for efficiently recovering permanently deleted table data. Moreover, this software allows users to recover deleted data from healthy as well as corrupt MDF/NDF files of SQL Database. Also, the tool is capable to restores all database objects like tables, triggers, functions, rules, etc. in just a few simple clicks.

Now, follow the below- mentioned steps to restore deleted table data

Step 1. Download and Run the tool and click on Open to load the SQL database file (.mdf file) into the software.

Open to load the SQL database file

Step 2. Choose any Scan Mode for scanning the database files and check the Auto Detect option to detect the SQL Server version of MDF files automatically. Also, check the Recover Deleted Objects option to recover the deleted database components.

Recover Deleted Objects

Steps 3. The software will display the deleted database components in red color and click on Export Button to export the recovered tables data.

export the recovered tables data

Step 4. Now, fill all the export details and finally hit the Export button.

Export button


That’s it! In 4 simple steps, you can recover your deleted data from SQL table without any backup file.

Wrapping Up:

Well, In this write-up we have described both manual and automated ways to restore deleted data from SQL table. But the manual method comes with some limitations and not appropriate if you don’t have a recent backup copy of your database.

So, we always recommend you to go for the professional solution to restore permanently deleted database from SQL server without backup. Users can use the advance scan option to recovers permanently deleted data, and export directly into the Live SQL Server Database or as SQL Server Compatible Scripts in a single shout without losing a bit of data.

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