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usb drive recovery

The user found himself in distress when the important files and data are shown as corrupted and unreadable. The first thing you need to remove the flash drive and avoid any activity that will overwrite the data. It will make the restore process more complicated. Let’s see what the user has to say about this query.

“Hi everyone, I am Mason. I was checking out my files on a USB drive and could not get access to my data. All I could see was an error saying “The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable”.  I have important and personal information on the drive that I don’t want to lose. Please let me know the sure solution for it. “

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Reasons for Corrupted Files of USB Windows 7

  • Overuse of flash USB drive like keeping USB attached for a long time due to which the heat of the system made it inaccessible at a point.
  • Break off of USB drive connector while ejecting the USB drive from the system’s port.
  • Breakdown or loss of Joint because of external reasons like dropping, exposure to liquid and humidity
  • Improper detachments of USB drive while the process was going on or after completion. Always Eject the USB only then remove from the system.
  • The inability of Look Up and NAND memory to operate when data is written. It leads to corruption of data

To conquer the query that how to recover corrupted files from USB Windows 7, here are the detailed steps to practically execute to recover those files. Let’s check out what advantage the user would get if he uses this solution.

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Steps to Recover Corrupted Files from USB Windows 7

For the user query that how to recover corrupted files from USB Windows 7, we are going to show the easiest steps to recover corrupted files. Here are the steps to perform the execution for recovery.

Step 1. Download and Launch the Professional USB Recovery Tool. Click on the Refresh View tab, it will show the newly attached USB drive.

Step 2. You would need to select the scan modes

Scan – If the files are corrupted and deleted by users.

Formatted scan – Choose this scan if the user had formatted the USB drive

Note – If you find out that files of the USB drive are corrupted. Instantly remove it from the system. Do not try to make any changes as it would overwrite the data and it would reduce the chances of recovery of files

Step 3. After the completion of scanning, you would able to see recovered files. You only need to select the files or the complete folder according to your requirement and click on the Save button to restore the corrupted files.

Step 4. Once you are satisfied with the selection of files and folders, you have to select the destination location to save the healthy resultant data.

After the USB Drive Recovery is complete you would receive a confirmation message showing the successful completion of recovery and export.

Manual Method to Recover Corrupted Files from USB Windows 7

If you see the error “The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.” or it will ask you to format the disk in the drive, before you can use it.  There could be many reasons for the corruption of flash drive. You need to follow these below steps to recover using the manual method.

  1. Firstly connect the USB drive to the system.
  2. Click on the Windows key and type cmd.
  3. Click on Command prompt and run as administrator
  4. Type chkdsk Drive Letter: / r and click on Enter. Drive that you want to repair and recover files.
  5. Enter the attributes and check whether the USB drive data is restored.

It won’t restore the data if it has severe corruption issues and you had permanently deleted the files. In that case, you would need professional help that is Pen Drive Recovery solution.

Extraordinary Features of USB Drive Recovery Utility

Below mentioned features are the key roots that enhance its functionality and delivers the desired result

  • Ability to recover all the corrupted files including minor and severe corrupted files from the USB drive
  • Self-explanatory and user-friendly attractive interface
  • Includes Advanced Filters that specify items to recover
  • Provides preview of all data items of USB drive along with its attributes.
  • It highlights the corrupted and deleted files in Red color to recognize and recovery
  • It supports all USB drives brands of all sizes
  • It supports all versions of the Window operating system
  • It is guaranteed to be safe and secure regarding all the data of the user which only will be saved in the users’ device only  and nowhere else
  • It facilitates users to save all the recovered healthy resultant files to the desired location.


In the above post, we discussed how to recover corrupted files from a USB recovery tool. SysTools Flash Drive recovery utility is the direct solution for repair, recovery, and restore of corrupted USB files. It consists of only four steps with self-explanatory steps. Even non-tech and novice user could extract healthy files out of corrupted files.

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